Donald Trumba suggests that immigrants could be shot for rocks


President Donald Trump says he told the US army. to mobilize at the southwest border that if immigrants try to fly rocks to them, troops should act as if they were "firearms". (November 1st)

President Donald Trump said members of the US army sent thousands to the southern border the immigrant caravan will "fight" if immigrants throw stones and suggest soldiers open fire because there is no "big difference" between a rock or a gun.

In a White House statement Thursday, just a few days before the mid-term elections, Trump announced that his government was preparing to change the country's asylum practices and took over thousands of migrants who left the dangers in Central America and headed for the US, asylum.

He pointed to the conflicts between the authorities and the caravan as they moved beyond the Guatemalan border to Mexico. The Mexican authorities have reported that immigrants attacked their dealers with rocks, glass bottles and fireworks when they broke a gate at the Mexican tip but pushed back, according to the Associated Press. It is unclear whether the Mexican authorities were injured, but the Guatemalan officers were injured.

Trab said that the US Army does not accept bottles or stones thrown at them.

"They want to throw rocks in our army, our military struggles," the president told reporters. "I told them to think of it as a rifle. When they throw stones like what they did in the army and the police in Mexico, I say we think it a rifle."

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The president continued, saying he did not want a violent conflict between immigrants, many of whom are women and children, but said the army is ready to go.

"I hope not," said Trab, when asked about whether a military envisions shooting one of the immigrants.

He continued, arguing that the members of the army were "badly hurt" by the immigrants who were ready with stones. He said that any stone would be considered a "firearm because there is not much difference when you hit the face with a rock".

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Trump sought to make immigration a central issue in the mid-term elections, where Republican parliamentary and senate controls are ready for grabbing. Critics have said that Trump plays fears for the caravan, which is still about a month away from the US border, to increase support from its base.

Over the weeks, Trump has threatened to cut off borders and stop funding in the countries where the caravan was going. The Pentagon said on Wednesday it would send about 7,000 active troops to the border and the president said growth could be extended to 10,000-15,000 soldiers.


Thousands of Central American migrants recommence their slow pace in southern Mexico on Thursday, changing their route to the Gulf Coast, a trail closer to the Texas border. (November 1st)

During his speech at the White House, Trump said he would reveal a plan to curb asylum claims in the United States, saying he was a "rampant abuse" of the system.

However, he did not give details of the proposal, which was part of a series of announcements on immigration that began in the next Tuesday's elections.

Trab said that people are benefiting from the asylum procedure by making false allegations of persecution in order to enter the country. He said many people end up in the country and do not appear for court proceedings to determine the validity of their asylum claims.

Trump promised to build "scene towns" to keep asylum-seekers until their hearing.

The existing US laws give citizens who enter the country wide powers to make asylum applications. Trump did not clarify whether he would seek changes to the law but said he would disclose an executive order.

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