Dream Homes and Space Sensitivity with Shirlie Kemp

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In this episode Indoor Style Hunter podcast we welcome a good friend and inspire creative Shirlie Kemp!

Shirlie has built a brand and business around photographing what she loves in a way that makes sense to her and has transformed a passion into a way to see the world.

In our conversation we are talking about the sensitivity that Shirlie has always felt and about the role it plays in how it lives and works.

We also cover the thoughts about the houses and the important roles that the spaces that we inhabit our mentality have.

Shirlie is gentle enough to share many of her ideas and approaches in her work, which is always guided by her intuition and feelings. Feng Shui has played an important role in how Shirlie has taken over the world and discussing her relationship with this context and how she used it during her career.

For all this and more, listen!

Key points of this episode:

  • The work that Shirlie and Grant collaborated in Jordan.
  • Shirlie's extraordinary sensitivity and how it informs how it works.
  • The connection between our personalities and our homes.
  • Collecting significant and beautiful home-made items from around the world.
  • The experience and interaction of Shirlie with hotels and temporary spaces.
  • The cleansing of space and the procedures that Shirlie has taken in her home.
  • How Shirlie approached indoor photography.
  • The beginnings of Shirlie's career in photographing the birth of her children.
  • The organic way in which Shirlie has self-taught and has created her skill.
  • Shirlie's favorite places to visit and why she feels at home in the south of France.
  • A round of quick fire quizzes with our guest!
  • Shirlie's longing to design and build her own home.
  • And many more!

Contact info:

"This is the story of my life really, a kind of meeting people in weird places, odd moments, nothing is normal in my life." – @Shirliekemp [0:01:30.8]

"Having this sensitivity, I see where the light is." – @Shirliekemp [0:04:31.2]

"I've always loved indoors!" – @Shirliekemp [0:15:26.3]

"Today I do not know if I do it right!" – @Shirliekemp [0:20:49.9]

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