Dual Pleasure in Doha for Ben Maher and Surprise Exhorsion W

Maher, a 35-year-old British, and his surprised Explosion W saved the best for the latter, taking the team's overall title before closing the 16th and final leg of the individual LGCT at Al Shaqab's cavalry in Doha on Saturday.

"We can not get it to be honest," said Maher on LGCT television, after playing in his fourth individual win of the season in a jump of nine races in 35.50 seconds.

"Every time I go, it fills you with so much confidence that you can do anything," said Maher, who also won in Madrid, Saint Tropez and Rome. "He believes in me, and I believe in him, and he does things that must be impossible, possibly."

Standout Combination

Having finished 2017 in a better career at 14th in the LGCT, Maher and Explosion W, a nine-year Dutch warm arrogant, was the only combination of 2018, securing the overall championship with the third season victory in Rome in September .

Their success is even more remarkable, because the couple did not start racing until Shanghai in April, where they finished second.

"It is simply unexpected that it comes at that level so quickly," Maher said. "This is just the faith in my team back home and those who manage and help me come here."

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Not perfect

Maher and Explosion W may have won Sweden's Peder Fredericson for 0.84 seconds and defended the overall winner of the LGCT Harrie Smolders of the Netherlands for 1.44 seconds, the 2012 Olympic Champion was not satisfied with his progress.

"The jump did not go enough to plan, it plans to take a step less toward the second fence, it was not there, and I felt like it was not fast in places, but it is of course so fast everywhere," Maher said.

A tribute was given to his small but energetic horse, which is still relatively small for a top jump at the age of 9.

"He is such a fighter," said Maher. "I have such a good bond with the Explosion that was created in a very short time. Every time I travel, I feel like making my life so easier."

World Championship

Earlier on Saturday, Maher and Explosion W teamed up with Nicola Philippaerts and H & M Chilli Willi of Belgium to give two double clear rounds to secure the World Champions League total for the Knights of London.

"It was a fantastic time with Ben, I think we had four wins together," said Philippaerts at a press conference in Doha. "It was incredible, I always went first to try to do a good job and it always ended".

London's Horse Racing ended the 16-foot season above the table with 353 points and prizes worth 2.4 million euros. Valkenswaard United finished second with 313 points and € 1.7 million, followed by Miami Celtics with 269 points and € 1.1 million. The Russian World Champions were quarters with 256 points and 720,454 euros in cash prizes.

The four top teams that hold all the qualifiers for the GCL Super Cup semi-finals at the opening GC Playoffs at Prague's O2 Arena where we will see the top 16 teams fighting for a $ 13.6 million prize pool between 13 and 16 December.

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"Prague is a very different place," said Mahler. "We have to go back and continue to fight".