E-commerce home: e-commerce operation trend – content operation

With the popularity of smartphones and networks, more and more consumers are no longer using the e-commerce platform as a shelf platform for simple display purchases. More hope is that they can be seen on this platform. Interesting content introductions to attract yourself, may be tutorial guides, may be creative introductions, can attract attention, retain consumers, then traffic and transformation naturally come.

On the Taobao platform, the current traffic of the platform is concentrated on the wireless side, while the wireless customer group is mostly young people, and now the young people are more individual, most of them will Looking at Taobao in the way of “walking”, it is possible to discover the content of “appetite for one’s own appetite” in the home channel of the hand-to-home and even through live broadcast, so as to generate a desire to purchase the product, which is the change of user behavior now.

E-commerce home: e-commerce Operational trend - content operation

There is a comprehensive revision of the 618 in 2017, and a series of content sections have been added to the home page of Handao, accounting for 60% of the mobile phone. -70%, almost all of the traffic is concentrated in these content sections, which is why the platform’s natural search traffic is getting less and less, the reason why the through train is getting harder and harder, is why so many e-commerce merchants The reason for going to the content.

In recent years, we have gradually entered the era of traffic fragmentation, and major content media platforms have emerged constantly. The excellent content producers of all major platforms have been mixed up and swayed. And if these “net red” IPs are tagged with companies or products, the brand marketing effect achieved will be even more impressive. Content marketing is attractive, not strong. Good content will attract this vertical domain group to this content, turning the customer community into fans through content and channels and recommending it to people around you.

Many merchants also want to do this e-commerce content, but because of the high professional requirements of this piece, many merchants have not found a good cutting method, and more are in the stage of exploration. . Content operations need to improve the content value of Internet products by editing and creating content, and ultimately create a certain promotion effect on the adhesion and activity of customers. There are many ways to content. What we see is content. The Internet has always provided services to users through content. The products are different, the content types are different, the perspective design is different, and the perception is not brought to the audience. Similarly, the methods of participation and interaction are different.

E-commerce home: e-commerce Operational trend - content operation

So how do you do content operations? A complete content marketing contains nothing more than four points: product, content, media, user. These four points are interrelated. Products need to be displayed through content packaging. Content and media jointly create marketing scenarios. Users can find the products they need through the content of the media. What is clear about this is,

1. What are the characteristics of your product?

2. What are the user groups?

3, what kind of needs do they have?

4. What kind of needs can your product meet to satisfy the user community?

The four points are determined, in order to find the precise crowd, and then go to the ground to execute, through the graphic, short video, or live broadcast, etc., to produce high-quality content to the user community, and ultimately transform the user Become a fan or order customer.

There are many ways to play content, and it is also a place for businesses to compete, but different Internet products have different content operations. It is recommended to learn the system systematically under the leadership of professionals, so as to avoid less detours.