Embracing Distinguished Design Elements with March & White's Elliot and James

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Welcome to another episode of The Style Hunter Podcast.

Today in the show we are very happy to talk to March Elliott March and James White. March & White is an international design studio house in London, New York and Los Angeles.

The company focuses on narrative, luxury, and relevance, and James and Elliott are here to tell us a bit more about the story and the future. In our conversation we are talking about the various March & White residential areas that inhabit before we look at the effects of this multidisciplinary dynamics.

We are talking about the emphasis they put on telling a customer and weaving in a project and they are also introduced into the three core values ​​that run through all the work they do. Elliott and James share some of their favorite works, spaces and ideas around the personal style before we finish the show with our usual quick fire quizzes!

For all this and much more be sure to tune in!

Key points of this episode:

  • The three design projections in March & White.
  • Working with experts in all disciplines and with cross-pollinating ideas.
  • The narrative design process in the company.
  • Maintain your competitiveness through honesty and consistent history.
  • Elliott's and James's personal favorites and why.
  • Personal style and aesthetics and how it fits into a professional environment.
  • March & White's business trip and some of the lessons learned.
  • The company's three basic principles that permeate everything.
  • The best areas of our visitors and the activities for inspiration and ideas.
  • Looking forward to March and White.
  • A round of quick fire quizzes with Elliott and James!
  • And many more!

Contact info:

"I think it's the challenge, how do you reposition some of this beautiful material for everyone" – @marchandwhite [0:05:34.7]

"It has to be a beautiful way of life, it must be a luxury and must be relevant." – @marchandwhite [0:16:59.2]

"It is very important to us, providing something unique." – @marchandwhite [0:28:08.3]

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