Entertaining those things


Before you met a girl, it was a purely pure one. We all love to play three countries. One day, she sent me a private letter: Sun Shangxiang. Liu Bei. Cao Ren. Cao Cao. I didn’t understand what I meant after watching it for a few days. I went back: I also liked these few characters and I didn’t have the following. I didn’t think about the meaning of her hair until the next day. But it is too late, she said that it has been resolved.


In the second grade class, I saw the girl’s stool next to the ground dripping, the pants were wet, and her face was particularly red, I was not talking. Said, holding the bucket and rushing out of the classroom, ran to the water room and hit a half bucket of water, came to the girl next to it, all fell on her body, the classmates were all stunned, I was beaten by the teacher and found Parents, the girl later told the teacher about the situation, and the teacher secretly praised me. That girl is now my wife.


Today a beautiful woman, I said beauty, add a WeChat. Beauty said, ask you a question, righteously add. Friends, the number between the middle and the third is a few, I said that I am two? She added me. It’s good to have time to be confused.


When I visited a girl on the road last night, the girl looked at me with tears in her eyes, and then slowly came to me, but only Nono opened her mouth. My brother lost my mobile wallet, can you borrow me 200 yuan. You give me the mobile number, I will go home to charge you.” I hesitated, watching her eyes flash in tears, or give her money. Afterwards, I brought this up with my girlfriend and friends. Everyone ridiculed me that I was cheated and laughed. At that time, it was quite embarrassing. When the girlfriend went to the toilet, the mobile phone reminded the account balance of 213 yuan. At that time, I was happy to sway this mobile phone to show them, it is still a lot of good people. At 11 o’clock that night, the phone again reminded the account balance of 413 yuan.


My dog ​​was lost. I went crazy looking for it in the past two days. I met an uncle in the park in the morning. I asked if I had seen my dog. Uncle: Is it Golden Retriever, still wearing a yellow vest? I am excited, grab an uncle: Right! Yes! Did you see it? Uncle: No! This