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The fans are very good at “Mission”. Aaron Kwok-cheng, Zhao Liying, Zhang Han, acting in place.

Recently, Zhong Shaoxiong’s latest spy war action drama “Mission” is being shown in the major theaters across the country. The film starred by Aaron Kwok, Zhao Liying, Zhang Han, Ren Dahua, Zhang Lanxin, Zhu Yilong and Yu Xiaoguang. The masters of the film have revived the scenes of the old dark beaches in the film with their superb acting skills.

There is money and money! Lin Xinru’s daughter is worth 400 million less than one year old

A few days ago, Lin Xinru attended a jewelry exhibition. At the scene, she generously photographed a necklace worth more than 300 million. She said on the spot that it was reserved for her daughter’s little dolphins. The 12-carat diamond ring with a market value of 100 million is the value of the small dolphins. More than 400 million, the little dolphins less than one year old are among the billionaires in their sleep.

“Hunting Field” tears eruption

Cao Yuwen was invited to visit the Swiss watch giant “Rugao Biography” Chen Yuyin has not broadcast the first red

Yesterday, the mainland famous actor Cao Yuwen Weibo released pictures of the three major Swiss watch manufacturers Just finished the filming work “You and My Allure”, and rushed to Switzerland without stopping. It is reported that Cao Yuwen was invited by the three top watchmakers in Switzerland to visit the manufacturing process of the factory.

Jin Chen suspected exposure new love sent by mysterious man to smile on the face

On November 9th, netizen “Entertainment Ji Xiao Yao” claimed on Weibo: “Jin Chen new love doubt exposure ??? Yesterday Jinchen arrived in Beijing to get a long-legged handsome guy to pick up the plane, happy to break through the screen, although the two people in the picture did not have excessive intimate action, but the camera confirmed that the two have been together for several months, the demon Even ridiculed: This “driving school coach” is a bit handsome.” The netizen also put a video.

Xu Ke invites Wu Qi to create the rivers and lakes Shenqu “Qi Men’s armor” and celebrates the old file

The scriptwriter is supervised by Xu Ke, directed by Yuan Heping, Dapeng, Ni Ni, Li Zhiting, Zhou Dongyu, Wu Yi and Liu Yan and many other actors performed together. The fantasy 3D blockbuster “Qimen Armor” released on December 15th in Lunar New Year was held in Beijing. “Who is the boss MV” conference, Xu Ke and Yuan Heping took Li Zhiting and Wu Hao. The behind-the-scenes footage of the “Sudden Self” episode of the previous exposure caused fans to enthusiastically praise the craze, and the latest “Who is the boss” MV released at the press conference, with the humorous and brain-opening form to harvest the audience.

Entertainment headline: Daily entertainment event 01