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Nowadays, there is a clear stream in the entertainment industry. They have a value, a acting, and a The role that lets the public blurt out. But rarely their news sees the newspaper. They chase fame and fortune, but they are weak and fame and fortune. They are a clear stream of entertainment, representing a new trend in the entertainment industry.

Gu Tianle, the most impressive is the role of Yang Guo played by the 95-year-old god of the gods. At that time, the ancient face of the music was handsome, romantic, and there was a dusty atmosphere between the hands and feet. The god of the eyes. Slowly, there is less news about him. There is basically a movie release, promotion and promotion, and more and more films are being filmed, but there are few characters that are thought of, most of which are bad movies. When he paid attention to him, he watched single men and women at that time. At that time, Gu Tianle had dark skin, and the British air force forced him to judge the two white people. Yeah! What has he experienced in these years? Slowly curious.

Entertainment New Style

95 version of the Condor Heroes stills

Occasionally he will pay attention to him, knowing that in recent years, there have been news reports, and some places have been newly built. An ancient Tianle Primary School. Zhuo Wei said in an interview that Gu Tianle is the most hypocritical of all the stars. He has established so many charitable schools that he is not the first to know, but also full of routines.

The following are the primary schools donated by Gutianle, most of which are in the remote areas of southwestern China, where education is weak, and it is understood that Mr. Gu often goes to supervise workers and has time to visit the school. Children, bring them some books and school supplies.

Entertainment new style

Prince to donate to Gu Tianle

I want to say, Mr. Gu, you can do good deeds, as a model for millions of fans, you can influence a large number of People, but you did not leave a name. . If you are not good, you will build a foundation, and Xiaobian will do his best.

This year, Gu Tianle has 8 movies to shoot, and it is possible to donate money to build a school. It is so desperate.

Entertainment New Style

Gu Tianle went to elementary school to see children

People who are trained in Gutianle Elementary School can be infected with him, upright and grateful You are the pillars of the future!

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