Entertainment News: Deepika Padukone shares handwritten letters from fans | New

Mumbai: Bollywood superstar Dipika Padukone shared photos of handwritten letters sent to her by her fans, which reveal the bond she shares with her fans.

One such letter states that it was Dipika who made this admiration to "fall in love with Bollywood". The letter also stated that, due to the actress, the fan opened the depression to her mother.

Deepika took to Instagram and shared photos of these handwritten letters.

In the second letter, a fan praised Dipika for her efforts to stigmatize mental illness in the country.

The actress wrote the pictures: "#fan #love"

The photo has won more than 677 thousand hearts on the photo sharing site.

Recently, Deepika posted a children's picture to prove that her career "started young", leaving her fans to have fun.

In the picture, Deepika as a little girl looks cute in a glamorous black dress with matching shoes and a hat, and poses as a professional with a big smile.

"He started young," he wrote as a caption to the picture.

In the lock, the actress has also become a "masterchef" and treats her husband, actor Ranveer Singh, for delicious meals. They continue to look at life through social media.