Entertainment News: Pankaj Kapur-starrer's Office will reopen in the middle of a corona closing | TV news

Mumbai: Even when the conversation has been going on all Saturday that the ongoing removal caused by COVID-19 is likely to continue for another two weeks, there is good news for potato chips.

Given the good response to the re-broadcast of many old popular TV shows to new listeners, the channel decided to repeat the "Office Office" comedy series.

Starring Pankaj Kapur as retired teacher Mussaddi Lal Tripathi and narrating his struggles to work in corrupt offices in a satirical way.

Hearing the news of the return of the show, actor Deven Bhojani, who played a key role in the show, took nostalgia.

"It's a great feeling that the Office is coming back, 2001-2002, and after almost two decades it will happen again. A common man suffers when he needs to get something important in the offices of corrupt people.

"During the lock-in period, when the whole world is going through tension, pain and sadness, the reopening of the Office will distract their minds and bring smiles to their faces," Bhojani said.