Entertainment RPG

After the Asian financial turmoil, Yang Shi began to thoroughly indulge me and let me do what I wanted to do. Of course, I am hiding behind the scenes. In addition to Wen Caiyu and Yang Shi, only the head of the Asian region, Yang Shi’s brother Yang Zhi knows. To add, Yang Zhi has no interest in doing business. The profession is a composer. The reason why he promised to be the president of the Asian region is because…
“Hey, the president of the Asian region is nothing, anyway, it’s me. There are also people who are looking for a deal. And, are you planning to open a company to enter the entertainment industry?”
“Of course, of course… Which country’s market is it mainly? Can the contract artist sing the song I wrote?” “
“Korea.” I am still very fond of this enthusiasm for music and some childishness, so I said some of the reasons: “I am entrusted by people, to dig some people from SM company, said to Li Xiuman For your newly established company, be a scout.”
“SM company? Li Xiuman and your mother have some friendship in business, you should dig a few trainees should be no problem, I also believe in your vision, but… When will the company be established?”
“2001, I need time, and, hey, you have to cooperate with me…”
“Understand. But you must be serious Be it, not just for fun. “Yang know told Road.

I was through the back door into the company’s S.M., saying to Lee Soo Man is known as Yang organized by the company to dig some of them. During the Asian financial turmoil, Yang Shi (actually behind me behind the scenes) helped Li Xiuman a lot, and was the biggest shareholder of S.M., and a few of the trainees were harmless, so they agreed. The contract I signed with SM company is one year. Every year, all expenses are self-care. There must be no more than 30 songs for SM company. The company symbolically assigns a broker. Undoubtedly the best thick contract in the trainee. So SM company knows that there are not many people in the contract.
In my heart, my violin level is not particularly high, because I only studied for three years, playing pop songs is no problem, composing can be a little difficult. Fortunately, God of Creation gave me a hint, he will give me 50 songs at a time, and the language of the lyrics is chosen by me. So I signed the contract so confidently.
“I am your agent, Park Enzhe. Now I will take you to the dormitory.”
While following this serious middle-aged man, I think back, he always feels that something is wrong, but he wants There is no place where something is wrong.
Right, Park Enzhe’s eyes!
Even if you don’t have a self-cultivation, you will not show the contempt mood in your eyes when you meet for the first time. And as a broker, even the “Practice Code” does not tell himself when he first meets, as if he doesn’t want to say a word. The reason can only be…
Li Xiuman has greeted him!
Despise people who enter S.M. by relationship, which shows that Park Enzhe is a very decent person, and certainly has a low prestige among the trainees. He despised a person, then the trainees…
I began to wonder if this is the result of Li Xiuman’s heart-building. Isn’t it just digging a few people? I didn’t say that it’s not good for you, although I’m digging for the future Asian Super League. members ……

looking at the front of the dormitory door closed, I was disturbed while he crossed over, that it will not change what happened. Who is your roommate?
Park Enzhe did not hesitate, raising his hand and knocking on the door: “Li Donghai, open the door.”
…… Li Donghai!
The door is open.
“Go in.” How do you feel like going to jail? Mr. Park Enzhe can’t talk like this even if you despise me. What’s more, I now have a big box with my left and right hands and a violin case. How can you let the road go first?
After completing the mission, Park Enzhe left, leaving me and Li Donghai.
It seems that he doesn’t have much affection for me. It is estimated what Park Enzhe said. I didn’t say a word, put the suitcase on the side of the bed, and then put down the violin case. Sitting on the bed.
“Mr. Park should tell everyone that I entered S.M. because of what.” I spoke.
“What can be shown off.” Li Donghai really is a straight temper, although this is very small.
“Maybe it’s really showing off. But, for me to have a peaceful life at S.M., go to the dance classroom with me, Ok?” Anyway, I don’t want Li Donghai to look at me like that.
At this time, the dance classroom was empty. I looked at the two people in the mirror and gently patted the beat.
Before coming here, I am ready for everything that may happen. Including what I am facing now.
If it is someone else, I won’t care, anyway, I only stay at S.M. for a year. However, the members of SJ are different. If they have that kind of opinion on me, my plan will be very difficult to implement.
Lin Lin, you know, I don’t think about who, although the idea is not so bright.

“I admit that I entered SM through despiring channels, but I don’t want to be a despised person.”
I closed the door of the dance classroom, a small bottle fell on the floor, but it The sound that is emitted is concealed in the sound of closing the door.

If I paid a price for the life now, and that is the stomach.
This is the inheritance of past lives. When I was Zhou Yang, I got gastritis at the age of 15 because of irregular diet. Now I use this pain as the only connection between me and my past life, almost sick. Waiting for more than ten years has brought me too much disappointment. Now life is too different from the past. I really worry that I will get used to being Wen Chengbin, forget Zhou Yang, and forget Liu Linyi. But I really can’t forget that I can’t beat my own heart. Until now, I haven’t decided what I should do besides completing the care of Lin.
The motivation that allows me to live can be summed up in one word, that is responsibility. Responsibility for oneself, responsibility for others, responsibility for society, and what is in my life are all responsible for your death and the suffering of your uncle and aunt.
“If you don’t have me, will you live well?”
“I didn’t think about it.”
“Must be everyone, I have to get used to being alone. If you are not there, I will live.” Very good. So you have to be the same.” – Sometimes the words that Lin said are serious enough to be philosophical words.
Lin, you have already expected everything.
I rubbed my abdomen and slowly squatted down.
I know that I deliberately let Li Donghai see the bottle of stomach medicine to change his attitude towards me. This technique is not so noble. But you will understand me, isn’t it, Lynn?
There is a sudden sorrow in my heart.

“Are you all right.”
I take up the line of sight, watching squatted in front of me, Junsu do? You are really stupid, Wen Chengbin, to dig all the way, Dong Bang Shin Ki plus SJ, this time in S.M., there are only a few people.
I think I am getting more and more evil.