Facebook tightens the rules for political ads

Bengaluru: Any person or organization who wants to manage Facebook-related advertising in India should first confirm their identity and location and give details of who put the ad, the social media giant said on Thursday.

In one place, Facebook said that this is the key as it takes measures to prevent Facebook abuse and brings transparency to political advertising before the general election next year.

"We have overtaken these changes in the US, Brazil and the United Kingdom, and then we are making our first steps towards transparency in India-related advertising," Facebook said in the publication.

Changes were made after the US authorities found Russian intervention and a coordinated Facebook misinformation campaign during the US presidential elections in 2016.

Facebook said it is important for people to know more about the ads they see – especially those that refer to political figures, political parties, elections and legislation.

The social media giant said ID and location confirmation would take a few weeks to allow advertisers to start the process today using their mobile phones or their computer to provide proof of identity and location.