Family, friends of the dead athlete relieved after the firing of the Maryland University Coach DJ Durkin

The University of Maryland shot soccer coach Wednesday night just one day after his re-entry by the regimental council of regents caused a massive reaction on the campus and across the state.

Coach DJ Durkin has been on an administrative leave since August following the death of a footballer. An independent study concluded that Durkin was not responsible for the death of Jordan McNair, but another researcher found that the UMD football program had become "toxic".

While the decision to shoot Durkin was widely applauded, a CBS News player spoke to tell the team is torn during his departure and there are even reports of a fight break out between two players. But this athlete student says there is a common sense of relief that eventually action was taken.

Marty McNair praised Maryland's decision to burn Durkin after his son died four months ago.

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<p>"Relieved, relieved, relieved, yes, relieved that the right thing had happened," said Marty. "It's literally making more noise in his absence than he probably would be here, but again it was something that as a family we felt like we were willing to deal with and turn our pain into the goal." </p>
<p>    Jordan died on June 13 after saddening on May 29th. Nearly two months later, ESPN published a bomb report citing a "toxic culture" in the program with "a fear-based and intimidating mentoring environment."</p>
<p>Durkin was on a paid administrative leave the next day and the university began an investigation. Last week, the research concluded that the program was not toxic, but there was a culture where players are afraid to speak out. This led the regimental council to bring Durkin back on Tuesday. </p>
<p>    But the president of the university shot Durkin on Wednesday night after rivalry by students, state officials and several players Jordan's former roommate, Jonny Jordan, welcomed the decision. </p>
<p>    "The right decision was made for justice for Jordan and for all things to be easier for us as players," Johnny said. </p>
<p>    Now, the proxies of the McNair family are calling to dismiss the regents' president, James Brady. </p>
<p>    "We believe President Brady must be dismissed immediately to steer the ship into this horrifying direction," the lawyer said.</p>
<p>    Rick Maese, a sports journalist at the Washington Post, said: "This is a stain on the university – not just the football program. That's what people will remember and talk about for years to come."</p>
<p>CBS News arrived at Durkin but did not hear it back, and the rebel UMD said she had no comment. UMD chairman Wallace Loh says his decision does not reflect his opinion on Durkin, but it was in the interest of the school. Players plan to honor Jordan McNair before Saturday's game against the Michigan State.</p>
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