Feng Shui bedroom design

Credit Image: Rachel Laxer Interiors

You can not see the growth of home TV shows, especially the clearance of the premises and the reorganization. Every so far, Feng Shui's ancient Chinese art reappears and reappears at certain times to help us take control.

For thousands of years people have adopted the feng shui to transform their environment and eliminate the negative energy to experience peace and harmony in their lives. You can follow the guiding principles of this ancient science in your own environment. The following feng shui tips will help you create a harmonious bedding that promotes peace, health and well-being.

Good advice on the layout of the feng shui bed

Any type of feng shui layout is based on achieving a balance between the energy flows inside the room, and the design of the bedroom is no exception. The energy of feng shui consists of Sha chi, which is aggressive, aggressive, and Si chi, which is low energy. Achieving a balance between the two actions is necessary to create a harmonious energy flow. This means you have to carefully place all the furniture and items in your bedroom.

Where should I put my bed?

There are three basic feng shui tips for placing your bed.

  1. Make sure the bed is in the focal point of the room and is easily accessible from both sides.
  2. Make a balance on each side of the bed with bedside table and lamp on either side of the bed.
  3. Do not put your bed in line with the bedroom door.

You should also make sure that your headboard is against a solid wall and that it should not be placed under a window. The bottom of the bed must be clean and its command position allows the view of the bedroom door.

The design of the bed itself should thank you. A good quality mattress that feels comfortable, a solid headboard and preferably all in natural fibers. Good quality sheets are a very easy way to increase comfort. Together, these recommendations will increase levels of harmonious and good energy. Be careful not to fill the room with the bedroom décor, especially in a small bedroom.

Figure and size of the bedroom

The goal is to create a comfortable space in your bedroom. Large bedrooms can make you feel more vulnerable and reduce restful sleep, use screen divisors or strategically placed furniture in a large bedroom's bedroom to make it comfortable.

Sloping or sloping ceilings are not recommended because they can create anxiety and increase negative energy levels in the room.

Creating love, harmonious energies

It is very important to remove all electronic devices from your bedroom as they generate negative energy. You should also remove any mirrors, water features or water images from the room. Soft colored pallets in skin tones, such as cream, whitish, chocolate brown or peach, are ideal for bedrooms and will promote maximum levels of peace and increased sensuality. Avoid sharp, crisp white walls. Sharp angles or edges of furniture, closet doors or objects should also be avoided and the room must always remain inappropriate.

Putting pairs of objects inside the room is a good way to build feng shui love and harmonious energies. Even if you are not currently in an erotic relationship, matching pillows, chairs, lamps or bedside tables, all will promote love and healing in the room. Think of the five senses and make sure nothing in the room causes any of these senses, you want every feeling to be frozen in space. Blends of essential oils are great and I like to use NEOM Organics blood spray in my bedroom.

The use of principles from this traditional Chinese way of life is really useful in today's modern world. Let me know how you will continue if you decide to apply these recommendations.