Florida election results and Senate race: Latest polls, results, poll – Live information on who wins between Rick Scott, Bill Nelson and Andrew Gillum, Ron DeSantis

Rally ruler of the race – the candidates

Andrew Gillum (D)

Gillum has a progressive step for voters – it has supported "Medicare for All", although it has recently admitted that within the state it supports the extension of Medicaid as a way of providing health coverage for hundreds of thousands of poorer Floridians. The legislative power of the Group of the Party of European Democrats has already stated that it will vote against this issue.

The mayor of Tallahassee is also in favor of raising corporate taxes to 7.75% – an increase of 2.25% – to raise a billion dollars to raise teachers' salaries and invest in other training programs.

Throughout the campaign, he is struggling for corruption-related complaints related to an FBI investigation of a multi-million dollar project associated with a friend of the lobby. The Gillum campaign denied any connection with the examiner, but the Republicans seized it during the campaign. Weeks prior to Election Day, the files released by a friend of Gillum showed that he had received Broadway tickets to Hamilton by a secret FBI agent. Gillum acknowledged receipt of the ticket but said he was given to him by his brother, who, he believed, made them available for concert tickets.

If he wins, he will be the first black governor of the state.

Ron DeSantis (R)

DeSantis is a trained former prosecutor from Gale and Harvard, who hails from Jacksonville, Florida. Today he serves his fourth term as the 6th Congress of the Region and was previously a JAG attorney at the Navy and served in the Gulf of Guantánamo and Iraq. He is still a naval sailor.

DeSantis is one of the most conservative members of the Florida Congress, considered tough on immigration and arms rights. He has said that if he was a governor, he would of course have a bill that Governor Scott signed weeks after receiving a high school junior high school Marjory Stoneman Douglas who raised the age limit to buy a rifle from 18 to 21 and also applied a three- waiting period for rifle purchases.

Regarding immigration, DeSantis disagreed with DACA and so-called "sanctuary cities" and also supported Kate's law, which would introduce tighter sanctions for undocumented immigrants who illegally crossed the border after deportation.

He is also a prominent promoter of President Trump, voting 94% of his time with him. In Congress, he proposed to abolish the investigation by Special Attorney Robert Miller and suspended Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, who appointed Mueller as Special Advisor. During the campaign, DeSantis attracted attention with an advertising campaign that presented his dedication to Mr Trump. He helps his daughter build a block wall and read Mr. Trump's "Art of Deal" to his son.

He also had to defend himself from the charges of racial disagreement. At night he won the GOP championship, DeSantis attracted great criticism to tell Fox News that voters should not "monkey this" on the election of Gillum. His campaign denied that the comment was a racist observation, but the anchor who interviewed him later said in the air that "we do not approve of this language."

DeSantis has also been criticized for speeches he has given at events of controversial conservative David Horowitz, who previously said Barack Obama is a Muslim, has deliberately lost the war in Iraq and that the Palestinians are Nazis.