Former Indian Universe of Miss India Ushoshi Sengupta Concentration by cyclists in Kolkata As the police just responds

There are so many instances of harassment in India that what was considered worrying is now "nothing new" for the people and the police. But recently, when Miss India Universe 2010, Ushoshi Sengupta, was tarnished, everyone sat and stood up.

Ushoshi hired a Uber to pick her up from a five star hotel in Calcutta on Monday night. As they, together with a colleague, sat in the taxi and started at home, they barely knew the hectic experience they were expecting. Halfway through, a group of children with bicycles turned to her cabin and began harassing the driver. Shortly afterwards, they started to hit the car and within a few seconds they joined up with 15 strange boys. Then the big team opened the car door, pulled the driver and began to strike him in pulp.

Going to Facebook, Ushoshi recalled the incident. "I went outside and started yelling, taking a video about the incident, then I ran across the Maidan police station, where I saw an officer standing and asked him to come with me, telling me that this is not their jurisdiction, but under the Bhawanipore police. "

"This is when I broke and I begged them to come, otherwise the boys would kill the driver." The officers came and held the boys, asking them why they were creating an inconvenience, "he said." The boys pushed the police officers and left. After all, two officers from the Bhawanipore police station came, then it was 12am. I asked the driver to leave my colleague at home and decided to take her to the police station the following morning (sic). "

While Ushoshi and her colleague began the second round of driving back to their homes, they realized that the horrific test was not over. He wrote: "To my great surprise, our boys followed me to my colleague's home and immediately when I threw him near the gardens of Lake Govt. Housing, 6 of the boys on 3 bikes, came and stopped my car, threw stones, broke the car They dragged me and tried to break my phone to delete the video My colleague jumped out of the car for fear and I was completely upset I stepped out I started crying and until then the locals had come out (so). "

Uusoyi once again turned to the police for help. However, they were hit by their bad attitude. "I finally took a breath and called my father and my sister." Considering that it happened in my area, the cops who came, told me to build a FIR at the Charu Market police station. my complaint will only be received by the Bhawanipore police station. Today, I resigned and began to shout. It was 1:30 am, and there was no female police officer at the station. After the withdrawal of many questions, the officer took my complaint, but refused to take the complaint of the uber drivers, stating that 2 FIRs can not be taken for the same complaint and told me it is against the law. My driver uber insisted that he wanted to file a complaint but the officers did not get it sic). "Together with the location, Ushoshi also wrote a picture of the coached car and the boys' video that harassed them.

Perhaps outraged, Ushoshi has some valid comments and post-incidental questions.

1. "First of all, if you violate, violate, abuse or even kill, make sure that the police department is in charge before you pass them, because even if it is within 100 meters of your point and not under jurisdiction, it is very rare to come and help. "

2. Secondly, how do 15 boys without helmets have such a facility to hit the Uber driver and break the car in southern Calcutta? What I realized was that this was a way to extract money from the driver by threatening him with a mob. absolutely a way of extortion (sic). "

3. "Third, even if the mob beating the driver, if you go out and pick up a voice, it will attack you." To help others and get up is a scary thing to do because the police were 100 meters he refused to help. The inspector refused to take my FIR drivers, stating that he was not subject to the law (sic). "

4. Finally, this could happen to anyone, your sister comes behind the tuition fees, your mother comes back from work, your father driving the car or your brother trying to protect you. My guide Uber Tarak, who has probably taken his own loan, driving and making money for his family, who is trying to defy the chances of unemployment and work hard, will be afraid to lead, will be afraid to get to the judiciary ".

Much later, after the on-line appearance of the virus, the Calcutta police said in a statement on Twitter that "FIR's failure to register has begun in this incident at a much higher level."

So far, seven of the parties have been arrested. The end result has not yet been found.