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Starting ours "Recipes around the world" series, Bon Traveler's Jessica is here to share her grandmother's French onion soup! Here is Jessica in all the details:

If there's one dish that's been a part of my life since I was young, it's undoubtedly the French onion soup. My Mamy (French grandmother) made me the soup that warms the soul from day one. It's a dish close to my heart.

My visit for a full dinner or when I want to slow down and read a book on the weekend – the French onion soup knows how to fit all moods.

Surprisingly, it is a rather complicated recipe to execute, although there are only a few ingredients. I've seen a lot of variations of the soup, a lot of missing key parts. The onions are not cut properly, changing the consistency, or the broth is too thick or too thin.

The trick? A tried and true family recipe from the French countryside.

I spent the day with my mom, experimenting with proportions and taste. It often "wings" the recipe and cooks according to vision and taste – this time I noted exact portions.

Here's how to make French onion soup at home! Good appetite!

About this dish

French onion soup, based on French history, was a staple food at home, brasserie and coffee.

The rich soup made from simple ingredients is the perfect combination of both savory and sweet. Crispy village bread with melted cheese and you have yourself a soup that wins every newcomer.