Get $ 20 off speakers to greet Art Garfunkel

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You know Simon & Gardoneckel. Everyone does it. There are literally bricks that are likely to drown Mrs Robinson.

While you may be familiar with the music of the popular group, you may not know that today is one of the birthdays of her member. Well, let's take a happy birthday to everyone who wants Art Garfunkel!

Happy Birthday!

In fact, while we are in this, let us share a picture of Mr Garfunkel:

What a slut. What a musician. What man. So if we want to celebrate his 77th Birthday, what should we do?

Yes, listening to his music is a great way to celebrate. But how should we listen to his music? What should we hear? Well, what about a Dell speaker system 2.1?

And you know what? What would you say you get a sweet $ 20 of its price? This means the speaker system is only going to bring you $ 49.99. Bazaar.

The set is compact, which means it can fit well with almost any home or work. It also has something called Waves Maxx Audio, which, and I quote, "offers deep, enhanced bass with the low-trigger subwoofer and stunning sound." I'm sold.

In addition, have you checked how this subwoofer looks? It's like a wild foreign egg. How could it not all these songs Simon & Garfunkel sound even more sweet?

So happy 77th birthday, Art Garfunkel. Thank you for the gift of wonderful music. And thank you very much, technology to make speakers at reasonable prices and listen to music.

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Published on November 5, 2018 – 11:56 UTC


Product2.1 speaker system by Dell