Go beyond free shipping with these 9 benefits


If you are a member of Amazon Prime, there is a ton of privileges you probably do not use from Whole Foods discounts in free ebooks.

Amazon Prime is a rare bird. Most of us sign up for things and find a hidden fee. A service does not meet expectations. With Amazon Prime, it's the opposite: We get so many privileges, it does not bother us to watch them.

During the holidays, you will use the Amazon Prime benefits of free shipping as crazy. Take this one more step and you can even set notifications when the price drops or be alerted to trend agreements.

Here are nine benefits that many Prime members can not even realize – and there is no better time to start using them.

1. Great discounts on Whole Foods

Amazon bought Whole Foods for $ 13.7 billion in 2017, looking at the racing store as a way to go further into the retail game. Primary members benefit, like an additional 10% of items with yellow sales signs.

You could also get 5% back on Whole Foods with a Visa Amazon Prime Rewards card.

2. Thousands of movies without Wi-Fi

Many leading customers do not even realize that they can download an entire movie library. Select Prime Video titles that you can download to compatible mobile devices such as Fire tablets, Fire phones, Android phones, and iOS tablets and devices.

Find the Prime title you want to download and open the video elements. Then click "Download" to start the process. Note that for TV shows you will want to select the episode you want to download and then look for the download icon, which will be down arrow.

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3. Refund with renewal

First subscribers can benefit from Prime Reload. You can get 2% back on purchases when you first upload money to your Amazon account using a debit card linked to a checkout account.

In other words, you provide the money for your own Amazon gift card, which you then use to purchase items. For example, you can upload $ 500 to an Amazon gift card using the Reload program and then receive a gift card worth $ 510.

4. Free editor's book every month

Heat the Kindle. Have some free reading to do it. The first advantage of Amazon Prime Reading is your ticket to see a new book. Prime Reading is the release of Amazon's electronic library with a variety of books and magazines. You can access Prime Reading through a Kindle or Kindle electronic reader.

First Reads is a selection of six authors' selection books. Primary members can choose one to read for free every month. Chances are good that you will find an option that will attract your interest. A recent list included a thriller, a gothic murder story, a historical novel, a real crime book, a book for young adults, and a cute kid book for a duck.

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5. Product samples and discounts

If you want something tangible to show for your membership, check out the Amazon's Sample Box program. You choose from a theme item option and you get credit for future purchases of eligible items associated with this box.

For example, Amazon has offered a luxurious skin care box that is packed with perfumes, gel scrubs, moisturizer and skin serum samples for $ 19.99. You can try everything included in the box and also get a $ 19.99 credit for luxury beauty products sold by Amazon. So if you like something in the box, you can use your credit to a full-size version of the product or other similar items of the particular category.

Sample boxes are not just for beauty supplies. Amazon often offers snacks, pet food and diet and wellness boxes.

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6. Deliveries to your car

Patio theft package is a growing problem as occasional thieves grab Amazon customers' traditions. The retailer takes a creative new approach to addressing the issue by offering a service called Amazon Key In-Car Delivery.

Delivery to the car works with supported vehicle models, including 2015 or newer vehicles from Buick, GMC, Cadillac, Chevrolet and Volvo, which have an active planned car service program, such as OnStar. You can set the option in the car through the Amazon Key application. Amazon delivery agents will then expel your packages in your car, although they need to be parked at an affordable ground level location.

7. Try before you buy clothes

The Amazon Prime Wardrobe allows you to use your own home as a wardrobe. Prime Wardrobe works by completing a box of three or more kinds of suitable clothes, shoes or accessories, up to eight.

Amazon sends you the box and you have a week to try your clothes freely. Then you can keep the pieces you like, pay them and return the rest back to Amazon using a prepaid label at no extra cost.

8. Free shipment to other places, too

One of Amazon Prime siren calls has always been free shipping, but is not limited to Amazon.com. Amazon acquired the most popular Woot site in 2010. Prime Prime's free shipping expands to the Woot markets.

Fashionistas will also be pleased to learn the Amazon Shopbop affiliate, which is focused on clothes, is part of the free Prime Prime Shipping Family and you get free returns. You can get your designer's trademark and free Amazon shipping through East Dane, which is similar to Shopbop, but focussed on men's fashion. Between Woot, ShopBop and East Dane, your online shopping horizons with bonus bonuses have just expanded.

9. Free magazines, podcasts and audiobooks

Whether you want to have fun or to inform yourself, you can find Prime benefits that will satisfy you. See how you can get free reading and listening material through Amazon membership.

Periodically: Amazon Prime Reading is the source for free access to popular magazines such as Vogue, Bon Appetit, Popular Mechanics, Esquire and Better Homes & Gardens. Just start from the Prime Reading page to browse the magazines included in your membership.

Podcast and audio books: Audible is a part of the Amazon that is known for providing audio books, but Amazon also uses it to deliver a service called Audible Channels. Amazon does not explicitly refer to channel offers as "podcasts," but that's basically what it is.

You will need to download the "Sound" application to get started with the channels. Open the app, tap on the menu and select Channels for Prime. Here you can choose from a variety of short sound programs exploring comedy scene, musical culture, world history and news.

Speaking of podcasts, I am there too. Just say, "Alexa, play the podcast of Komando on Demand."

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