Google is reforming the rules on sexual offenses

SAN FRANCISCO: Google promises to be more dynamic and open to dealing with cases of sexual abuse, a week after high-paid engineers and others have fled to protest for the culture that dominated men.

CEO Sundar Pichai clarified concessions to an email sent to Google employees on Thursday. The note of contempt came a week after technology technicians left their rooms in dozens of offices around the world to protest over management by top executives and other male workers accused of sexual harassment and other offense concerns men. The organizers of the demonstration estimate that about 17,000 employees participated in the retreat.

“ Google leaders and I've heard your comments and been moved by the stories you've shared, '' Pichai wrote in his e-mail. “ We recognize that we have not always taken everything right in the past and we are genuinely unfortunate about it. It is clear that we need to make some changes. & # 39; Pichai's email was received by The Associated Press.

Google has bowed to one of the main demands of protesters by lifting mandatory arbitration for all cases of sexual offense. This will now be optional in the context of new policies. It reflects a change made by the Uber Service following the complaints of its female employees that an internal investigation that led to its classification had been poisoned by unbridled sexual harassment

Google will also provide more insights into cases of sexual abuse in internal reports available to all employees. The breakdowns will include the number of cases documented in various sections of the company and will list the types of penalty imposed, including shootings, pay cuts and advisory mandate.

The company is also stepping up its training to prevent misconduct by requiring all employees to go through the procedure annually instead of every other year. Those who remain behind in their education, including senior executives, will insist on their annual performance reviews, leaving a disadvantage that could reduce their pay and make it more difficult to promote.

Reforms are the latest developments from a wider social response against the exploitation of women's female employees in business, entertainment and politics – a movement that created the MeToo hashtag as an indication of unity and a call for change.

Google has been caught in cross-shot shooting two weeks ago by the New York Times detailed complaints of sexual misconduct for Google's Android software developer, Andy Rubin. The newspaper reported that Rubin received the $ 90 million retirement package in 2014, after Google came to the conclusion that the accusations were reliable. Rubin denied the allegations.

Like its Silicon Valley partners, Google has already openly recognized that its workforce is very concentrated in Asian men and whites, particularly executive executives and computer planners. Women account for 31% of Google employees globally and are lower for leading roles.

Critics believe the imbalance between the two sexes has created a culture of "brogammer" similar to a college college home that treats women as sexual objects. As part of its ongoing efforts, Google will now require at least one female or non-Asian ethnic minority to be included in the list of candidates for executive jobs.

Google does not address another protest by protestors because it believes it is worthless. Protesters demanded that women pay themselves with men to do a similar job, which Google has consistently claimed to have done for years.