Grenfell Video tower: Five arrested over the burning uniform

The London Metropolitan Police said men who were between the ages of 19 and 55 had been held in suspicion of a "public order offense" as part of a video survey.

The men stayed in the southern London police late Monday

The anonymous video, which was widely circulated online, shows a group of people who place a cardboard model at the center of a fire as viewers imitate the screams of those who died in the fire that shocked the West London low-income housing block tower in June 2017.

As the flames begin to set the model on, the attendees are heard shouting "Help me, help me", while a person is ridiculed by the London Fire Department's stay policy, saying: "Do not worry, you stay in your apartment."

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The UK Prime Minister, Teresa May, called the act "totally unacceptable."

In a statement, Stuart Kudi police commander requested information on the incident, adding that "he is terrified of the unnecessary nature" of the video.

"The failure of this disaster in such a crude way is miserable, I can not imagine the concern that this video will undoubtedly cause families and survivors," Cundy said.

London's Fire Brigade Commissioner Dany Cotton also voiced concern about the video, calling it awful, adding that the actions of those involved can not "be justified at any level."

"The intentional use and launch of the Grenfell Tower fire will in this way cause deep pain and an offense to the deceased, the survivors, the local community and all the emergency services that they will never forget that night," Cotton said.

Victims of Grenfell Tower remember silently a year after fire

The model, called "Grenfell Tower", had paper tapes burning people in the windows of the apartment. Several of the notches appear to have brown color, and a flag of St. George's Cross seems waving in the background. Many of the victims were color and immigrant people. The flag of the Cross of St. George is the flag of England, with the flag of the Union representing the United Kingdom.

Justice for Grenfell, a community-led organization after the tragedy, described the incident as a "hideous act of hatred" and called for a strong police investigation.

"The content of the video, including a Grenfell Tower copy model and the burning of effigies, has caused great concern and anxiety. We are disgusted and shocked by the inhuman and cruel behavior of the people involved in this video," the organization .

"This is clearly a crime of hatred and as a society we must never tolerate such malicious acts of hatred."

Mayor Sadiq Khan has condemned the "disgusting" video, while UK Interior Minister Sajid Javid called on those who participated in the "disgusting, shameful" incident to be "shameful."

"The survivors of the Grenfell tragedy acted with incredible dignity and deserve the utmost respect," said Javid.

Unlike the feelings of Javid, MP for Tottenham David Lammy tweeted:

"The attacks are for hatred figures that are not innocent victims of a national scandal. These villains may fly the flag of Saint George but they are ashamed of our country."