Gunman who killed 2 in the Florida yoga studio had a story of harassment of young women

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With Phil Helsel

The actor who set fire to a yoga class in Tallahassee, Florida, killing two and injuring several others, had a history of complaints about harassment of young women, the police said on Saturday.

40-year-old Scott Beierle turned his gun to himself after excitement at the Hot Yoga studio in the capital of Florida, which happened around 5:37 pm, police said, and an incentive is still unknown. A doctor and a student were killed.

"Scott Beierle entered the business as a customer and began to shoot patrons with a gun without warning," said Tallahassee police in a statement. "The fathers fought the attacker to prevent him from harming themselves and others."

Picture: Scott Beierle
The student of the Florida Yoga Studio, Scott Beierle, has been seeing this soundtrack since 2016.Office of the Serifos of Leon

Beierle of Deltona, a town near the Atlantic coast of Florida, about 200 miles from Tallahassee, had stayed at a local hotel. The police said that "it has been the subject of previous calls for services in the Tallahassee region related to harassment of young women," but it has not worked out.

The Tallahassee Democrat newspaper, quoting the provincial records of Leon County, said Beierle was arrested in 2012 for a faulty battery for the exploitation of two female buttocks on the campus of the University of Florida.

Police reports released on Saturday by police Tallahassee Beierle were arrested in June 2016 for a battery for allegedly hitting and grabbing at the back of a woman's sunbathing in the pool area of ​​an apartment complex where she lived.

Prosecutors finally dropped charges in both cases, the Tallahassee Democrat said.

Beierle was a FSU graduate and served in the army, police said.

Bayer died of a seemingly self-traumatic traumatic injury, the police said.

The shot was shot by Dr. Nancy Van Vesem, 61, a doctor and a faculty member of the College of Medicine of the University of Florida, and Maura Binkel, 21, a student. Four other people were shot and a man hit the gun by the perpetrator, the police said.

The police said the researchers are still trying to fix a shooting motivation and if Beierle had any connection with the victims or the business. Sherriff of Volusia County and the Tallahassee police searched his home in Deltona on Saturday morning, police said.

Nancy Van Wesem, MD
Nancy Van Wesem, MDCourtesy of Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare

Florida University President, George Thraser, said the school was destroyed by the loss of two of their own.

"There are no words to express the shock and sadness we feel," he said in a statement Saturday. "We feel this loss deep and send our deepest sympathies to our loved ones Maura and Nancy while we pray for the restoration of those who have been injured."

The Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare stated that Vessem was a member of her medical staff and offered thoughts and prayers to the families of Vessem and Binkley and all their victims and their families.

The Capital Health Plan stated that Vessem was his long-term chief medical director and that "Nancy has been a driving, visionary force in our daily work to serve the wellness and healthcare needs of thousands of families in this community."

"Her dedication, care, leadership, humanity and experience made her one of the most respected, renowned physicians in the state and country," said Capital Capital Plan. "Our hearts are filled with sorrow and prayers for her family. We are all so blessed that we have Nancy in our lives."

Two of the survivors of the shooting were in a steady state in a hospital, while three were hospitalized and released, the police said.

Melissa Hutchinson, a bartender who was in a nearby bar when the shooting occurred, said people ran to look for security, including a woman who said there was an active shooter and locked the doors. Hutchinson, who has been certified with CPR and trained with first aid, helped them, some of whom had been shot.

Maura Bingley
Maura Bingleyvia Facebook

"They were very emotional, saw people shoot," said Hutchinson. "They were able to talk, and they were able to cry … they were all very shaken," he said.

One of those who sought shelter was a man who tried to fight from the attacker and who hit the gun from the perpetrator, he said.

"They said he came and had a black bag and pulled it out and so [the gunman] went to load it, all the yoga studio, the trainer and they all started to hit the windows and the walls to let people know, "said Hutchinson.

"It was a terrible time. It was a shocking moment when something would happen like that … it's terrible that this is, that's one thing," he said. "It's very scary that this is one thing."

Erskin Wesson, who was in a restaurant just below the yoga studio, said "we just heard pow-pow-pow-pow", and it sounds like it's falling over a roof and rolling.

"And then we saw some people running under the stairs and then supposed to have been shooting," Wesson said.

Picture: Tanahashi yoga studio shotgun
Police investigators work on the shooting scene on November 2, 2018, in Tallahassee, Florida.Steve Cannon / AP

The owner of the Ricardo restaurant asked the patrons if someone was a doctor. The giant job of Wesson, an emergency nurse, came out and helped, she said.

Police Deputy Prime Minister Michael DeLeo said the people who fought back against the actor were "a proof of their courage". He called the shot to be an "inhuman act".

"The fact that we had people to fight this attacker to help save other people and prevent him from further harm, I think he is talking about the true spirit of Tallahassee and for what this community is," DeLeo said in an informative briefing on Saturday.

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