Happy mystery

What you have is just now. The inner peace, the effectiveness of the work, depends on how we live to this moment. No matter how many things happened yesterday, and no matter what is coming tomorrow, you will always be “now.” From this point of view, the secret of happiness and satisfaction is to concentrate wholeheartedly on every minute and every second.

The most wonderful thing about children is that they will be completely immersed in the moment. Whether they are watching beetles, painting, sandcasting or engaging in any activity, they can concentrate on it.

High school students think: “One day, I have finished my career, I don’t have to listen to the teacher’s training, the days are better!” After he graduated, he felt that he had to leave this home to find real happiness. After leaving home to enter the university, he secretly decided: “It is good to get a degree!” When he finally got the diploma, he found that happiness can only be achieved after finding a job.

He found a job. Needless to say, happiness is not enough for him. Year after year, he kept moving the date of happiness and peace of mind until he got engaged, married, bought a house, changed for a better job, retired… and finally enjoyed the supreme happiness before he Just passed away. He uses all of his present life to plan a bright future that will never be realized.

Are you listening to such a story, do you feel awkward? Do you know some people who will always leave happiness to the future? The secret of happiness is that it is very simple to say that your life must be centered on the present, and we must enjoy happiness in the journey of life, instead of leaving it to the end.

Being live now, that is, we are looking for the fun of each job we are doing now, not just looking forward to its final result. If you are painting your home balcony, every stroke of the brush should make you feel happy and help you learn how to do the job well. You should enjoy the spring breeze, listen to the birds singing in the courtyard, and everything around you.

In order to live to the present, we should expand our senses and experience the beauty of each moment. Every minute, every second, everyone can choose freely. Do you really want to live to the present, absorb everything around you, and let yourself be touched and affected.