Harry and Megan use Instagram to showcase the work of two CNN heroes

Every month, they use their Instagram account to recognize the work of a handful of charities they support. In August, this exclusive list includes two CNN Heroes.

This spring, the couple had royal observers waking up when their @sussexroyal account suddenly removed everyone, including fellow kings such as Prince William, Duchess Kate, Prince Carolisa and Mrs. Kaulissa. Instead, Harry and Megan announced that they would follow just 15 charities each month, sharing their messages with their more than 9 million followers.

In May they paid tribute to Mental Health Awareness Week by following organizations promoting mental well-being. In June, they celebrated Pride Month by promoting groups that support the LGBTQ community. In July, they returned their attention to the environment.

For August, they asked their followers to designate organizations that are a "force for change". The couple offered some guidelines, saying they were looking for "an account that inspires you to be and do better (or that just makes you feel good) or the handle that fills you with optimism for a brighter tomorrow".

The final list of 15 organizations included two that may be familiar to CNN viewers.

The Blink Now Foundation was founded until 2015 by CNN's Maggie Doyne Hero of the Year. Its mission is to empower Nepal's most vulnerable children by providing quality education and a safe environment.

Doyne was inspired to help Nepalese children on a backpack trip there and started Blink Now for $ 5,000. Today there is a school for children and a home where they live. The team recently expanded the school and opened a health clinic and a women's center.

In 2014 CNN Hero Leela Hazzah founded the Lions Guardians. Her nonprofit trains Maasai warriors, who have a tradition of killing lions, to help protect creatures. In 2018, the Lions Guardians report that they watched 230 lions. zero were killed in the areas where it operates.
The other charities run by Harry and Megan are Beyond Blue, the art of hope, Rafiki Mwema, love for the oceans, World Welfare Day, small traders, the United Kingdom International Network, the UK Earth, Mission, Beescause and Waves for Change.