Have a holiday, entertainment

to have a holiday entertainment

Today chat with the renting master, he taught me to say, “Being a man must be content with the music, you can’t compare it, you can do it better than you can’t do it. You can’t be kidnapped by others, others love it.” I have to live according to my own ideas. I have to think about it at this age.” I said, “Master, you have a good attitude and envy you.” He said: “No, I didn’t do it before, I can’t think of it, I don’t think it.” Demolition, divided into three suites, just want to open.”

to be on vacation

Several young people went to a real estate agent and carefully looked at the watergate at the door. The real estate agent came out enthusiastically and asked: ” What kind of house do you want to find?” The young man happily answered: “No, we are inspirational!

to have a holiday entertainment

After yesterday, the driver yelled at me and said that he was at the gas station behind my house. There was a restaurant nearby, and the article Ma Yiwu Wu Kyoto was a frequent visitor. Later, it was awkward. It was really difficult to do business. I advised him to open it. Don’t be like a taxi driver, no day and night, no holidays. He smiled. : They are in order to get a money from the old man. I am fine. In the small dirty street behind you, I have more than a dozen houses waiting for the demolition.