HCL, PeopleLink, Zoho among 10 companies fighting for the development of rival zum in India

New Delhi: HCL Technologies, home cloud service company Zoho Corp and PeopleLink-based Hyberabad are among the top ten companies selected by the government in the first round to develop a video-conference solution in India.

These companies are expected to develop a prototype solution that aims to be equivalent to global products such as Zoom. These companies will be given a $ 5 million Rs grant to build the prototype, a government official told ET.

In the second round, three of these ten will be asked to create the complete solution and will receive 20 Rs Rs each. The winner will use the solution for the central and state government, the official added.

Aria Telecom, CyberHorizon Corp, Darsh, Instrive Softlabs, PeopleLink Unified Communications and Data Ingenious are among the other shortlists according to a list controlled by ET. Jaipur's Data Ingenious has been credited with creating the first solution for accessing e-mail and direct language exchanges in 19 languages, including Cyrillic, Arabic, Thai, Mandarin, Korean and 15 Indian languages.

Ajay Data, head of the data team, said India does not have many software products that can compete globally, although there are many service companies that have become very popular.

"There are many advantages to having a VC Indian product, one is that the solution can be in all Indian languages ​​and can be hosted locally. This is important because when a video is recorded for legal purposes, it must be stored in India and the encryption key must also be available in India. This is not possible with foreign VC tools. "Sarv Webs from Jaipur, Soulpage IT Solutions, Techgentsia Software Technologies and VaC are also part of the ten companies.

After the third round, the best solution will be a contract for its development for use by the Government of India and government agencies for a period of four years and will also be given 1 million Rs in the first year and an additional 10 Rs Rs per year for three years after the first year of operation and maintenance of the solution for the government.