Headphone switches for sharing media while keeping things quiet

Listen together.

Listen together. (Yogendra Singh via Unsplash /)

Almost all phones, computers, keyboards and CD players (if you press the old school) have an output for your headphones. This means that you will have a tough fight to share your music and videos in real time with another person. Travel melodies, family Skype sessions and quiet engagements when your roommates are asleep should be able to be shared.

These headphone dividers can help you connect with your friends or keep your kids quiet in the back of the car. We have also included an option for those of you who work in your music, podcasts or other audio projects. Overall, these headphones will allow you to share your favorite songs and presentations quickly and conveniently.

Fun for your whole family and all your friends.

Fun for your whole family and all your friends. (Amazon/)

The Belkin RockStar headphone jack is a great way to share sound with more of your favorite friends. It's also a great resource for families when you all want to watch the same thing – think of big car trips or airplane trips. It comes with five AUX ports for mounting your headphones or cables and a cable for connecting to your device. The sound quality remains the same no matter how many listeners there are and the lightweight design makes it easy to grab and go. If you're feeling fantastic, you can also use this splitter to connect multiple devices to the output of a speaker, but we'll let you be responsible for this experiment. RockStar is the way to go if you're looking to come along with more than one of your best companions.

Watch with your pet's room in the middle.

Watch with your pet's room in the middle. (Amazon/)

This handset separator will connect to all devices with an aesthetically pleasing headphone jack. Not only will it connect you, but the oxygen-free conductor and gold conductor eliminate signal loss and static noise to keep your sound clear and understandable. The braided cable is elegant and also provides an extra level of protection. Many headset separators either have a fixed or relatively small cable to connect to your device. Dukabel gives you two styles that have a 39-inch cable so you can stretch without worrying about disconnecting. This headset is ideal for being on the go or lying on the couch with a friend while your roommate is away from home.

You will never hear again

You will never hear "it's too loud" again. (Amazon/)

The iLuv headphone splitter does exactly what you need to do when sharing audio, while allowing you to control the volume. Most headset separators will respond to the overall volume settings of the connected device, but this allows you to adjust the volume without sacrificing sound quality. This splitter also comes in a USB-C compatible model, so you can connect your spare ports to listen to your favorite songs. ILuv is compatible with all your favorite headphones, tablets, phones and computers for a great split sound wherever you are.

Rate your audio game.

Rate your audio game. (Amazon/)

This headset is a reliable choice for those who need something compatible with an. Inch socket. Usually, this means that you are someone whose needs require professional audio equipment of some kind. These headphones are a reliable way to play a stereo signal and will be compatible with most audio interfaces, mixers and other playback systems. The separator works best when you use it to share your sound with another set of headphones, but it can also be used to silently send your signal to two different amplifiers. The Tisino divider is going to give you a great sound with the connection you need for all your creative tools.

Relax and recharge.

Relax and recharge. (Amazon/)

Lately, phones are starting to lose their traditional headphone ports. This adapter will be compatible with iPhone 7 and all newer models, as well as iPad with iOS 9.2-iOS 13. You can connect two headphones to this splitter and charge your phone at the same time. This is the perfect way to keep yourself and others entertained for hours during the trip. It should be noted, however, that you cannot use the adapter to make or receive phone calls. Keep your device charged and reduce the number of cables you need to connect your iPhone to you and your seat.