How to give your space a make-up inspired by Paris • The blonde abroad

While the journey can be stopped right now, you can still transfer yourself to your favorite books, movies, explore online museums, create food from an area and even enjoy a certain substance and charm in your home.

Was it a French escape in your mind? Instead of going to Paris, let's bring Paris to you!

For those who want to capture this is not sais quoi and bring a touch of Parisian confidence to their homes … this guide is for you!

Style elements

Today, Parisian apartments come in all shapes, sizes and varieties in so many different types of decor. After all, it is a cosmopolitan city.

However, for this post, I aim for a delicious and classic Paris-inspired atmosphere, reminiscent of the succession of century apartments, along with a subway tile launch and a fairly neutral palette (read: creamy white, black, some tans and neutral tones, and maybe a pop of color here and there).

This virtual apartment in the Parisian style comes from trying to make the most of someone's space (many apartments in Paris are quite small and the rent costs several dozen).

When it comes to design, the idea is for all objects to have a purpose, to be beautiful and to incorporate elements that last for a long time.

Since natural light can be limited to Haussmann buildings, mirrors are necessary for light to bounce in the rooms. White walls are also popular, making spaces look and feel bigger – again, playing the light factor.

paris apartment1

For the bathroom

So a exquisite nail bath may not be the easiest thing to come close to … and quite the figure-but there are a few other ways to add a little elegance to the bathroom.

First things first – have you ever considered installing a bidet in your bathroom? Check out this available on Amazon!


Do you have a patio or yard? Bring the French cafes! Create a cheese platter, turn on some lights and music and turn your backyard like a piece of Paris.

Bonus points if you trap some of these mesh market bags … and this bag for all the larger items (or florals!).

What elements will you incorporate into your home to give it a Paris-inspired look?

What other places would you like to see home decorating guides? Let us know in the comments below!