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how to spend 48 hours in essaouira

Morocco is an intense destination even for an experienced traveler. The streets of Marrakech are chaotic, the contrasts will charm you, and the scents and sounds of the city can crash you.

If you want to live on the most relaxed side of Morocco, add two days to Essaouira on your itinerary. Situated on the Atlantic coast of the country, it is known for its relaxed atmosphere, excellent kitesurfing conditions and beautiful beaches.

Are you ready to explore Morocco? See how you can spend 48 hours in Essaouira!

Getting there

The best way to get to Essaouira is to fly from Marrakech. However, if you have a budget, there is a bus connecting the two cities.

The trip takes about 2.5 hours and many businesses make the trip throughout the day. Another option is to rent a taxi from Marrakech airport and a one-way trip will cost about $ 90.

During my two-week trip around Morocco, we drove from the Oasis of the Skoura Valley (after a stay in the Sahara desert) to Essaouira. It took about seven hours, so it was not the most direct route, but you will find that a lot of driving is involved if you are not in a big city!

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Where to stay

Riad Villa Morocco: For a comfortable stay in the heart of Essaouira, you can not go wrong with Villa Maroc. Just a few steps from Moulay el Hassan Palace, this Riad is decorated with the finest details.

L 'heure Bleue Palais: I did not know about this hotel until we arrived, but if you are looking for the best of the best – this is your place! With its rooftop pool, restaurant and luxurious rooms, it is an excellent choice for a luxurious stay.

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Essaouira, Morocco

First day

Explore Medina

Start your first day at Essaouira exploring Medina. Originally it was named Mogador, it was once an international trading port, connecting Morocco with Europe and the rest of the world.

Unlike Marrakech, the Medina of Essaouira is smaller and quieter. You will find spices, juices, crepes, bags and more!

Walk to the Port Side

Next, take a 10-minute walk on the Essaouira harbor side. At its peak, it connected the country with Africa, Europe and America.

Today, fishing boats continue to line along the harbor and the benches sell fresh fruit and fish. It is an ideal place to get some snacks or meals if you are staying in self-catering accommodation.

food in Essaouira, Morocco

Catch lunch at La Chalet De La Plage

Since 1893, the Le Chalet De La Plage is a key point of the Essaouira restaurant scene. Situated on the beach, overlooking the ocean, making it a great place for lunch or for homeowners.

Do not leave without eating your weight in fresh seafood dishes!

Try a traditional Turkish bath

A Turkish bath is a version of the Attic atmosphere in the Middle East. Similar to the sauna, Villa Maroc has one of the city's top Hamman sessions that you can combine with nine types of massage.

After a long day of shopping, eating and exploring, it is a perfect way to unwind before dinner.

You have dinner at La Licorne

Finish your first day in Essaouira with a romantic meal at La Licorne. The restaurant has a wonderful atmosphere and the menu is full of delicious and authentic Moroccan food.

I suggest you try seafood dishes such as crab spider or vegetable lozenge!

Day two

I walk on the beach

Wake up early and spend the morning exploring the beaches of Essaouira before the heat of the day begins. If you feel adventurous, you can try your hand with windsurfing or kitesurfing.

I recommend you Plage Tagharte, but if you have the time Plage Safi, Cap Sim, and Sidi Kaouki are also good choices.

Visit the Sidi Mohammed Ben Abdullah Museum

The history museum was named after Essaouira founder Mohammed Ben Abdullah. It is set in a 19th-century mansion and houses historic objects such as ceramics, coins, jewelery, photographs and rugs that are all about Essaouira's history.

One of my personal favorites is the costume screen!

Sign up for a cooking class

Instead of going out for lunch on your last day at Essouria, attend cooking classes! It's one of my favorite ways to enjoy the culture of another country and add a delicious dish to my repertoire.

Relax in a Rooftop Pool

There is nothing better than a rooftop epic pool overlooking the city. Not just the cameras are amazing, but with the Moroccan heat, there is no better way to cool before dinner.

L 'heure Bleue Palais offers panoramic views of Essaouira. It's one of the best spots in town to get a cocktail and watch the sunset in style.

Have a dinner at L 'heure Bleue Palais

After enjoying the latest rays of sunshine in the rooftop pool, take your way under the hotel's restaurant L 'heure Bleue Palais. The stylish Salon Oriental serves Moroccan New Year's Eve and the restaurant is exotic.

Come here on weekends for their themed nights and a more festive atmosphere.

Essaouira, Morocco

In total

The visit to Essaouira is a unique experience and I am so pleased to be on the Moroccan two-week route. While Marrakech is the most famous tourist spot, Essaouira is less chaotic and offers the same authentic cuisine, shopping and shopping, beautiful views and rich history.

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Were you in Essaouira? Do you have any tips for first-time visitors? Let me know below!