How to Stop Sites from Automatic Video Playback on Your Desktop

One of the annoying things about surfing the web is the recent barrier of automatic video playback on websites.

You may be at work by opening a site to read some news and suddenly a video will blow up your speakers. Do not worry, we've covered you. Here are some ways you stop playing videos automatically.

Site settings

Social networks such as Twitter and Facebook allow you to turn off auto play directly from the settings menu. On Twitter, you'll find this option under "Settings> Content & # 39;".

Credit: Twitter

In the meantime, Facebook provides this switch under "Settings> Video & # 39 ;.

Credit: Facebook

If you do not want to do this, browsers now allow you to also turn off autoplay videos.


Google has created some auto-play options directly in Chrome. For example, you can allow your browser to automatically play videos, but to turn them off at once. To do this, you can click on a specific tab to select "site mute".

Alternatively, to completely disable AutoPlay videos, type & # 39;chrome: // flags / # autoplay-policy & # 39; in the address bar and press enter. Then select the "Enable Document User" option. Now a video will only play when you click on it.

Credit: Chrome

There are many Chrome Store extensions to help you get out. Google recently said it is working on a simpler solution for this project.


Apple's browser does not have the ability to stop automatic playback for all sites. But it allows you to choose whether you want to stop a particular location from automatic video playback. Right-click on the address bar to select "Settings for this site." & # 39; Underneath, you can either choose to "Stop media with sound & # 39; or & # 39; Never & # 39; Manually Play & # 39 ;.


Firefox allows an easy choice to stop automatic play for all websites that play music with audio automatically. In the "Preferences" section, go to the "Privacy & Security" tab and select "Always ask" or "Do not play automatically" for peace in your mind.

Credit: Firefox

Mircosoft Edge

It's very simple to disable videos that are automatically played on Edge. Go to "Settings> Advanced> AutoPlay Media" and select "Limit" or "Block".

Credit: gHacks