I voted stickers placed in the grave Susan B. Anthony


It is Election Day in America and voters will deliver their first verdict on President Donald Trump's tumultuous term in an interim period that is expected to draw historical figures to the polls. (November 6th)

Susan B. Anthony's tombstone was spotted with "I Voted" on Tuesday, as voters went back to the trench of the women's champion in Rochester, New York, to pay their respects.

It was an election day tradition for years, a local station WROC-TV has announced, with voters fighting for the wind and rain of the area to pay tribute Tuesday.

Katie Banta, mother of three, told the station that she wanted her children to "see how many people also put their stickers on the grave to see that we are not the only ones talking about it".

Antony illegally won an election vote on Election Day in 1872, nearly 50 years before the 19th Amendment, giving women the right to vote at national level.

However, she never saw the election of women become a reality and settled in Rochester's Mount Hope Cemetery after her death in 1906.

The voters began to flow to Mount Hope to commemorate Anthony at 7:05 am, John Kucko of WROC-TV reported, on an Election Day, when women seemed ready to make history at national level.

WHAM-TV film in Rochester published videos from people leaving stickers on the tombstone of Twitter's rights icons.

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