If PDF equals Pretty Damn Frustrating for you, this app can change your mind

How did we end up in a world where PDFs are the most universally accepted standard for a digital document? Yes, we know that PDF files contain content and form regardless of the operating system. So, surely … there is something like this. But good Lord, have you ever changed?

If you have, good luck to get this brick from your Mac. If you want to edit PDF files but prefer not to get frustrated beyond the reason, Expert PDF for Mac can simply save your system and your logic. Right now, it is available at just $ 19.99 (75 percent discount) from TNW Specials.

There is a PDF Expert for Mac as bagged honors as the Editor's Choice, Top Paid App, the 2015 App of the Year, and a high of 4.6 out of 5 stars over 1,500 reviews in the Mac App Store. It basically helps to make any PDF editing or change as simple as defining a doc word.

PDF Expert handles simple text, image and link edits as well as more complicated PDF features, such as defining a PDF form or moving fields around your document. By imposing taxes on adding digital signatures to annotations, mergers, and other difficult features, this app smooths the whole process.

Once you create or modify your PDF, this app also raises the way your document is forwarded. PDF Expert lets you easily share your document with any iOS device with customers, partners, friends and family, anybody you want. You can also set up password protection in PDFs, ensuring that your vital information is kept out of the box.

Normally $ 79.99, you get into big savings now and get PDF Expert for Mac for just $ 19.99 while this offer lasts.

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