In India, more than 6.95 lakh cyberattacks from Russia, USA, others were recorded in January-June: F-Secure

NEW DEVELOPMENT: Russia, the US, China and the Netherlands were the top countries from which cybercriminals attacked users in India, with more than 6.95 of these incidents between January and June 2018, according to the company F-Secure.

Interestingly, the first 5 countries targeting cyber-professionals from India were Austria, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Japan and Ukraine, with a total of 35,563 in that period, according to the report.

F-Secure, in her report, reported that the information is based on data from honeypots.

The company said it has developed over 41 such "honeypots" around the world that "serve as seated ducks for cyber criminals" and allows the collection of the latest samples of malware / shell scripts and new hacking techniques.

These "honeypots" are key failover servers that mimic the business environment of a business. For attackers, they look like real servers of real companies with weaknesses and vulnerabilities.

This method, according to F-Secure, helps in obtaining critical data on attack types, popular targets, sources, volume and TTP (tactics, techniques and procedures).

"This information is gathered by allowing potential attackers to gain unauthorized access to a server's simulated services and then study the attack path to the point where the attacker realizes it is a honeypot," he added.

According to the report, the first five countries of origin focused on India included Russia (2,55,589 attacks), followed by the US (1,03,458), China (42,544), the Netherlands (19,169) and Germany (15,330) ) attacks.

On the other hand, Indian cybertrechers targeted a total of 12,540 attacks against Austrian organizations, the Netherlands (9,267), the United Kingdom (6,347), Japan (4,701) and Ukraine (3,708).

The report reported that India ranked 21st in the world with 6,95,396 hacker attacks in different countries. However, India ranked 13th in terms of hackers who launched attacks with 73,482 such incidents.

At a global level, the United Kingdom was the largest country of origin, with a total of 97,680,746 attacks this year, while the US was the top destination country with 1,10,10,212 attacks, he said.

"Our public honeypots are a valuable source of information about threats and are an integral part of the infrastructure that empowers our various security offerings, including our Fast Detection and Response Service," said F-Secure Vice President for Cyber Security R & D Leszek Tasiemski.

Tasiemski added that "the relatively higher number of incoming attacks against Indian honeypots also reflects the way in which the country with fast digitization becomes more profitable for global cyber criminals."

"We collect and analyze all relevant data to ensure that our customers remain protected, given the dynamically evolving threat landscape," he said.