India surpasses the world with most Net shutdowns

HYDERABAD: India has surpassed the world with the largest number of Internet holidays by government authorities with 121 reports to date by 2018, revealed the data compiled by the Delhi-based "Delhi" Delhi Software Internetworking Software.

With "Freedom in the 2018 Network," it was also released on Thursday, where India scored 43 – below two places out of 41 from last year – data show how government controls have affected Internet freedom. India has slipped into the 'partially free' category. Highest score, less freedom on the Internet. Thus, 0 is complete freedom, while 100 is not freedom.


In India, governments closed the internet supposedly to prevent riots, incidents of hate crimes, even to prevent fraud in the exams. Referring to shutdowns, the report says: "In Tamil Nadu, a video depicting a kid abducted, went viral to WhatsApp with child abduction warning for the vision. The video is originally an announcement against kidnapping children from Pakistan."

The report noted that while the Supreme Court ruling that made privacy a fundamental right in August 2017 was a victory for Internet freedom, it was infected by security breaches. The report cited researchers who reported security malpractice to Aaadhar, noting that the Indian authorities are "bad information managers of the citizen".