Indian bowlers do not lose chances, says Marcus Harris

Australian Open Marcus Harris said he did not feel deep in the test debut in Adelaide, although there was hardly any margin of error on a quality side like India in the opening match.

"You always doubt yourself as a person, you are not sure if it will fit into Test cricket. So, it was good to spend time in the middle of both entries. I did not feel deep down," said Harris, who scored a corresponding 26 on both awards on his debut in Adelaide Oval.

"But I realized very quickly that they do not boil anymore and do not lose the chances of giving them, so you have to be activated by the ball."

"I felt that my game did this, it's probably just a decision-making thing and it's been able to figure out the aspect for long periods of time, but I did not feel I was out of my depth at all," he added.

Bypassing R Ashwin and Mohammed Shami in both appearances, Harris said he is working on his plans to face the Indian bowlers during the Perth test that begins on Friday.

"I worked hard between the first and second rounds for some designs against R Ashwin, and now I only work on kids coming around the wicket and stuff to work on plans India will use against me," he said.

"He gave me a lot of confidence to be able to beat a decent time and to take a little bit of the aspect." Australia lost the first Test closely with 31 runs and Harris said that guests will gain confidence from the narrow finish and the weight will be in the top class to take responsibility from the knives of their tail-enders.

"I think we got some good faith from the fight we showed, it fell in 30 runs. I know when I looked like a bump I thought I would like to have 60 or 70. So we got pretty close and we hope we could get some boost in play on Friday, "he said.

"I think the wicket will fit us a little bit more with conditions, it does not take anything far from India, but I think only a little dynamic".

"We would love to win the game, but the boys got very well and they fell very well, and it's probably a bit of their weight."

Like India, Australia was also trained on WACA ground on Wednesday, and their three rhythms as well as Nathan Lyon enjoyed one day free.

Harris also supported Mitchell Sterce, saying he was quite sharp in Adelaide and they all were geared to play this second test.

"Yeah, quickly, he got really well, there was obviously a bit of a post-game discussion but I thought he bowed pretty well during the game and he felt like he was in a good rhythm out there before and rage to go for on Friday, "he said.

It will be a homecoming for Harris with the new Perth stadium hosting his first test.

The open man wanted this test to be on WACA's old ground, but he also looks forward to playing at the Optus stadium.

"I remember coming here (WACA) to watch India here a few years ago, and maybe it was Shane Watson to get 50, I remember how powerful the crowd was and the feeling you guys imagined if you were that guy. person in the field now.

"… there have always been great memories for me at Tests in Perth and I hope to create some memories for young children coming to the games on the new stadium."

"It's very special to play in a Perth test, it would be great to play in WACA where it has always been, but having the chance to play at the new stage will be quite special in the first test there."