Information technology related to supply chain management

Information Technology for Supply Chain Management

Advanced IT technology has provided the underlying technical means for comprehensive supply chain management, such as network technology, Internet/Intranet technology, electronic data exchange technology, bar code technology, e-commerce Technology, etc., enables companies to achieve electronic connectivity in business transactions and data transfer processes. In terms of management technology, enterprise resource planning also provides enterprises with management tools from internal to external, especially integrating advanced IT technology into enterprise resource planning system, which can provide enterprises with supply chain management functions throughout the industry. . Supply chain support technologies include ID codes, bar codes, electronic data interchange, bar code application identifiers, and network communication technologies. In order to implement effective supply chain management, we must first improve the business process of the supply chain, and then automate these processes at a lower cost to further reduce the cost and time of the supply chain. Bar code scanning technology, goods point-of-sale system, Technologies such as electronic data interchange and electronic funds transfer are integrated to create an efficient supply chain integration system in the supply chain to ensure that products are continuously streamed from suppliers to end users. At the same time, the information flow can flow in the open supply chain, truly meet the user’s requirements for products and information, and provide users with the highest quality products and timely and accurate time.