Instagram takes private as test metrics globally

NEW DELHI: Photo sharing application Instagram announced Thursday that it is testing worldwide and will launch it in India on a small, select user base.

In the test, users will still see their preferences by clicking on the list, but others will not be able to see how many people they like. Similarly, users will not be able to see how many people like the posts of others. The company began testing Canada in May 2019 and expanded it to Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Brazil, Ireland and Italy in July this year. It will now move to India, as part of a global expansion, at a small percentage of the user base.

Instagram said its mission is to connect users with the people and things they love, which only works if people feel comfortable expressing themselves on the platform.

Vishal Shah, Vice President of Instagram Product, said: "Starting today, we are expanding our private test as we measure the rest of the world beyond Australia, Brazil, Canada, Ireland, Italy and New Zealand. If you are in the test, you will no longer see the total number of invites and views in photos and videos published in the feed unless they are yours. While the feedback from the first tests was positive, this is a fundamental change on Instagram and therefore p we continue our test to learn more from our global community. "

The development of this test globally is in line with the recent Instagram experience it hosted in Mumbai, where a series of 'Unlabel' content was announced in collaboration with Yuvaa, a youth media platform featuring young Indians to challenge himself. The restriction was also a feature recently announced by the company to protect accounts from unwanted interactions.