Intensive marketing lab for interior designers

After so many designers who asked me to help them in a short, fast and affordable way. I am pleased to announce that we will be hosting an intensive one one day marketing lab for interior designers. On Thursday December 6, along with my team and PR guru Hugo Rawlins of Rawlins George PR. This is a practical day that aims to give you a concise marketing plan as you start in 2019.

You will work in your marketing plan throughout the day with us guiding and supporting you, that means leaving with a real plan in place not just a generic idea as we find so many seminars leave you with.

The workshop is hosted very centrally, in South Kensington, in the beautiful Ampersand Hotel.

Want to hear more?

There are 4 items in this workshop:

Meet your brand

  • Learn to create your brand and personality so it's relevant and appealing to your audience.
  • Make sure you know who your customers are going through the internet and how they can best be found and involved with them to learn about you and your brand and ultimately drive sales.

Social Media, Online Tools, Content Design and Advertising

  • Which social media channels are right for your business, whether you already have them or not, this is right for you.
  • We will share the tried-and-tested formula with you to ensure you get the most exposure on the internet.
  • Let's make your life easy with online tools designed to save you time, talking about Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Blogging and more.
  • We talk about digital influents (bloggers and people who have a great online) and the best way to place their work on them so that you can get the exposure to their audience.
  • We'll help you understand what you need to share and write – content programming!
  • Going LIVE – because it works.
  • Advertising takes your endeavors and strengthens enormous results. You do not even need a big budget to get results. We share what we know about this technique.

PR for interior designers

  • We will learn how indoor designers can use PR in today's world and create and improve your own business profile, ready to send to journalists / editors and use them for other opportunities.

Your action plan

  • Together we will create a marketing action plan for your business that focuses on your goals.
  • We will also look at how to measure and set realistic goals so you know that you are doing your best.

Summarizing; in this lab, we will look at your brand, the tools you could take advantage of, and the best way to present your brand online to increase your profile and attract new customers.

All participants will leave the workshop with an action plan, an advertising plan, a content plan, a social media standard, a knowledge of the tools they will use, a press release for their business, and an understanding of how make the next step in marketing their business online.

What is this lab for?

Interior designers who want to develop their business and profile with an easy-to-apply marketing program.

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Please let us know if you have any questions about this lab. You can reply to the comments below or send an email to [email protected]

We hope to see you there!