Internal conflict, lack of trust in the team at Sarfaraz has resulted in the defeat of India: the media of Pakistan

Pakistan's humiliating defeat to India in a World Cup game in England is due to the controversy between the players and their misery with Captain Sarfaraz Ahmet, according to local media. Victory to India's rival leaders is always hard to digest for the passionate Pakistani cricket community anywhere in the world, especially when in a World Cup.

One day after the defeat in Manchester on Sunday, the media here ran stories about the groupings and how some players wanted to overturn the captain. The Samaa news channel reported that soon after his departure, Sarfaraz reportedly lost his temper in the dressing room and accused some players, including Imad Wasim and Imam-ul-Haq, to ​​form a squad against him and do not support him.

The news channel "Duniya" made a similar report on how different groups were in the group – one headed by Muhammad Aamir and the other headed by Imad – who left Sarfaraz down. After a defeat in Australia, a famous actor and cricketer fan had released a voice message to the social media where he accused Shoaib Malik, Imad, Inam and Babar, among others, to form a team against Sarfaraz that had led to problems in the team.

Some newspapers on Monday also imply internal problems in the group. But when PTI contacted two players in the Pakistan team, they denied any groupings but confirmed that Sarfaraz returned to the gym very angry and left some players. "But it was more than frustration and I do not remember accusing anyone or talking about groupings but said the players had to give more," said the player on condition of anonymity.

He insisted that all the players fell broken and disappointed after the defeat in India, but they did not give up hopes of losing to the semi-finals. "Even after the loss in Australia, we had meetings to encourage each other and discuss the areas where, but when you are not doing well, we tend to see these speculative stories in Pakistan's media," he said.

Some former players have also hinted problems in the group, but former captain Moin Khan said it was Pakistan's Cricket Council's duty to support his administration. "It is normal in our country that when the team does not do well on a major event or else there is always talk of problems in the dressing room," he said.

Moin said he fully supported Sarfaraz, although the main mistakes were made against Australia and India. "The concern is that our standards and catch standards were very miserable and that did not help," he said.