International Women's Day 2020: Society needs to learn the meaning of these days, says Kirti Kulhari | News of the world

Mumbai: Actress Kurti Kulchari, while opening up to Women's Day, said she is not a fan of sharing one day at a time for one reason, but is happy that awareness of crimes against women is finally a reality.

"I'm not personally a big fan of any of these days that is celebrated as a specific day all year round. I wish we could learn to celebrate every day, I think it will be great if we as a society are trying to understand the true meaning of these days and the implementation in our lives, "Curtie told IANS.

It feels that change has finally begun, with which we know much more that citizens and laws have become stricter. However, the actress adds that children need to be precisely guided as they grow older to have a sense of what is right and what is wrong.

"I think these crimes have been going on around us for a long time, but we have never known that. Now there is more awareness among the people, the law is tighter and social media has helped create incidents from which the government is aware of "Everyone is responsible and I think it's a good place to be," Kirti added.

The actress of the mission Mangal also said that "while working on other aspects to control all of this, how a child was created, in what environment, with what perspectives and awareness, are some important factors. and here it has to be addressed in every household – not by telling the child what to do but by their guidance and behavior and the behavior of the parents, to feed the child the right ideas and I think that is the deepest change that we look. "

Kirti came up with her message for Women's Day. "On Women's Day, I want to say to society that although women sometimes seem to overdo it, believe me it is not. Only if we had all the information about what went through, it seems simple that we are all waking up and we are fighting for our own rights … I think we should all come up with the idea of ​​what 'equality' means to so many women … Simply giving this credit to your home will mean so much to the women in your life. " .

"Women, in general, are parents, they will never leave your side, they will love and care for you, but you must also respect their space, freedom and equality so that they can flourish, cultivate themselves and reach the highest potential, "he concluded.

International Women's Day is March 8th.