iQiyi Sports teamed up with Xinying Sports to form a joint venture company Xinying App changed its name to iQiyi Sports

Love Qiyi Sports teamed up with Xinying Sports to form a joint venture company, Xinying App, renamed Iqiyi Sports

August On the 6th news, the sports copyright market is welcoming heavy news. According to the sports business, iQiyi, which had not made much effort in the field of sports copyright, has also made a change. It has reached a strategic cooperation with Xinying Sports. The company – Beijing Xinai Sports Media Technology Co., Ltd., the two sides to integrate copyright resources.

At the same time, Xinying Sports App has been renamed as iQiyi Sports, and the website of iQiyi Sports Channel has also been revised. In addition to the copyright resources such as golf and tennis that it previously owned, Xinying has In the 2018-2019 season, the Premier League copyright, the new media copyrights of the UEFA National Team in 2018-2022 and other resources also appeared in the iQiyi Sports Channel. Iqiyi Tennis has been upgraded to become a sports member, including a number of events to watch the rights.

It is reported that Xinying Sports will release a cooperation announcement this evening to further explain the cooperation.

At this point, the three giants of You Ai Teng are all in the game, which will also set off a new round of sports copyright war.