Iranian brands talk about Death in America before US oil sanctions

Iranians who are talking about "Death in America" ​​rallied on Sunday to mark both the anniversary of the US Embassy's seizure during the 1979 Islamic Revolution and the imminent reintroduction of US sanctions in Iran's basic oil sector.

Thousands of students in the government-run rally in the Tehran capital, broadcast live on state television, burned the stars and stripes, an uncle of Sam's uncle and photographs of President Donald Trump outside the green compound that once hosted the mission USA.

The great students fell to the embassy on 4 November 1979 shortly after the fall of the Shah that was backed by the US and 52 Americans were held hostage there for 444 days. The two countries have been enemies, on the opposite sides of the conflict in the Middle East, ever since.

Iranian state media reported that millions have turned out to be concentrated in most cities and cities in the country, defending obedience to office and its supreme power, top leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. The participation percentage could not be confirmed independently of Reuters.

The rally filled with "Death in America" ​​is calling for the anniversary of the embassy's acquisition each year. However, terrorism between the US and Iran is particularly intense this time after Trump's decision in May to withdraw the United States from nuclear trade with Iran in 2015 and to reinstate sanctions in Tehran.

The deal resulted in the lifting of most international economic and financial sanctions in Iran in return for Tehran, which limits its controversial nuclear activity under the oversight of the NN.

Reinstatement of US sanctions on Monday, targeting the oil and banking sectors of Iran, is part of Trump's wider effort to force Tehran to stop nuclear ballistic missile programs completely, as well as to support dealers in conflicts in the Middle East.

Iran's top elite commander, General Mohammad Ali Jafari, told Teheran's Reich that Iran would resist and defeat the US "psychological warfare" and the return of US sanctions that would hinder oil and gas exports. the financial institutions of the Islamic Republic.

"America has started an economic and psychological war as a last resort … But America's plans and plans for sanctions will be defeated by continued resistance," said Jafari.

Speaking on Saturday, Khamenei said Trump's policies were opposed across the globe. "America's goal was to restore its sovereignty (before 1979) but it failed. America has been defeated by the Islamic Republic for the past 40 years," he said.

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