It disrupts the kitchen design sector with Oliver Stephenson, Director of Living Kitchens

Welcome to its second season Interior Style Hunter Podcast, hosted by Grant Pierrus.

In this seventh episode, we welcome Oliver Stephenson, its Director Kitchens of Life.

Discover some fascinating ideas in Living Kitchens and their approach to adding value to a kitchen design

Highlights from this episode

  • Tell us about Kitchens of Life. How did you get started? Why did you start it? [0:00:01]
  • Why do people invest in kitchen design? What is your approach to the added value of designing a kitchen? [0:07:24]
  • What are the most common features people look for in kitchens? Is there a design element that Life Kitchens presents to customers that are very popular right now? [0:09:52]
  • How are Living Kitchens established to work with design trade? [0:15:05]
  • Understanding your processes a little more. Where do your best ideas come from? [0:21:20]
  • How can customers "try before they buy"? the virtual reality platform offered by Living Kitchens. [0:25:03]
  • What can we look forward to in the next 6 months? [0:33:57]

All this and more in today's episode! So make sure you tune in to hear it all.

Links to today's episode:

Website – Kitchens of Life

Instagram – Kitchens of Life