It is innovative in 2019

For me, 2019 is about innovation and reinvention of how we do things. In times of uncertainty, I think two things happen. We are cautious and enter into a state of protection, focus on our family and certainly protecting our wealth. But attention is a very hard job, and that's why we are cautious about what's new and exciting, not just about an old one but about what's really innovative and exciting. Therefore, there are two extremes, a natural state of caution, but also that eye on the horizon looking for what is new.

Signs need to work hard to attract our attention, and there is no point in repeating just what you do every year, not in this new era. I feel that social media lose the advantage, it's not just the publication of pictures anymore, not what you do in the real world that is really inspired. That's what people want to see now.

One of my favorite examples is the Holi festival hosted by the fashion brand Saloni. They do not have shops but have redirected this rent budget to create experiences that connect them to their clients in a personal and meaningful way. Of course, all this activity is designed to be perfect Instagrammable, but they lead with the building of personal relationships and that's the key here.

"Saloni has never made a show runway instead of filling a showroom with antique furniture to make a date appointment or arrange a festive meal in the middle of the fashion week." In March, she invited 130 editors, influences, models and fashion friends in Udaipur, India for a weekend of events. "

Think how Trinny Woodall launched her makeup brand last year. Use the Instagram stories and Facebook Live to talk to the public of social media – every day! Personally answering their questions and connecting them with you EVERY DAY! Trinny makes the content that counts and people follow her for this incredible knowledge and access to beauty and wellness experts. He has even branded a London Taxi in bright yellow Trinny London branding and created a very simple edited show where interviewed top experts, thereby raising her audience and reaching. Incidentally, the live cost of Live at Instagram and Facebook daily is £ 0. Yes, the taxi name was an immediate cost, but kept the processing costs just below, making it very simple. You can not use the cost as an excuse, there are ways to be innovative that are very affordable.

I look at the way in-house interior designers and indoor brands are traded in recent years, the press, trade fairs, sales teams, social media, etc. There is a recurring pace and as you have developed new products, and you've completed new projects that can feed your marketing machines that produce publicity.

But what if your customers are bored with your approach? What if they want something new and really exciting? What if you really wanted to move your client from the point of sitting back and watching the marketing show actually stop and join with you? What would this mean for your business if your customers really took you into consideration and decided to discuss your interest more?

I have always put myself in front and I am often the first to adopt new technologies and approaches to what we do every day. And this year I have returned to the project. I have asked my team, myself, my clients and others who think they are "young". None of us has clear answers and that's where my chance is.

You may have noticed that now we offer VIP design excursions that I am so excited for a few reasons, it brings what we do for years in life, people can join us in the real world and actually be part of what we are doing next to I do not see from afar. Digital is still very important, but it is those familiar real experiences that matter most at this time. We have a few more designs on our sleeve for this year, and I'm not going to give it all away, but it's about linking our brand to people in a way that makes sense and adds value.

I leave you with this question, how does your brand connect with people in a meaningful way? And I'm not going to let you answer the question by saying through magazines or social media – no, how do you connect in real time with your people?