Jim Harbaugh of Michigan has finally built a soccer team in his image


Recovering the top moments of the action of week 10 of the college football, which include the Michigan Residence in Penn State and many more.

It took four years, but Michigan football coach Jim Harbaugh has he eventually built a group with his own image.

Absolutely ruthless.

"There are so many identities," said Michigan, Josh Uche, of this group. "Fast, physicist, angry, emotional, limb."

Yes, Wolverine is all that.

They do not just want to play – they want to be demolished.

They do not just want to win – they want to decimate, which Michigan did on Saturday, transferring Penn State, 42-7, to the Big House.

A revenge tour? This could underestimate it. The Wolverines want to crush you and your family and get your lunch money and then jump on your knees and rub your nose.

Who is Jim Harbaugh personified.

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This group has taken his personality. His real personality. Not the guy who made satellite trips. Not the guy who was sleeping at the home of a camp and he created titles every time he turned around. That was all about demonstrating, trying to get recruiters.

The real Jim Harbaugh? He pushes his finger in your eye, trying to score the score against Penn State.

This is the guy who says things, just to upset the state of Michigan.

He could not care less. And neither could this group.

It is a unique focus and mentality that has been found in every aspect of this group.

"I'm proud of them – give a point of explanation of how proud I am," Harbaugh said, smiling and knocking his fist on the table.

It is an unscrupulous mentality that began with some unscrupulous off-season moves, as Harbaugh saw his schedule hard and reshaped some of his coaching staff.

And he has done great for the Wolverines, which seem to improve each week, making each game personal.

"Yes, they are personal," said Harbaugh. "You are struggling for happiness."

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Happiness, in it, dominates the chasm line and makes the other team scream: "We give!"

This is a complete group. ONE real club. Players talk about "love" and "brotherhood".

Everyone trying to crush you.

"I like this for our team," said Harbaugh. "They really like each other, they really care for each other."

Michigan has a quick, angry defense. "The top thing, the most striking thing about me, is (Don defensive moderator)," said Harbaugh, breaking the song. "He is the king, he is the king of defense coordinators".

This team has an offense that can steal the ball under your throat – nothing in the world makes Harbaugh happier. He has a general who does not turn the ball and is mobile enough to expand the toys.

It has a stud that runs back and talented wide receivers.

"Everyone does their job," said Harbaugh. "I think our guys have confidence in themselves and trust in their teammates."

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But it is more than that. This group has an unscrupulous mentality, which starts with Harbaugh.

Think about losing Notre Dame.

At least one national writer wondered if it was the beginning of the Harbaugh fee, and there was all sort of pressure on Harbaugh to produce.

Everyone, including myself, was concentrating on the fact that he could not beat his opponents.

But now?

After striking the Michigan state and destroying the Penn State?

He not only beats his opponents.

He knocks his success under their throats.

And now, expectations will have to change.

Following the way Ohio State plays (including Saturday's victory against Nebraska with two wins), Michigan is the clear favorite to win the Big Ten Conference. Anything less would be a massive disappointment.

Anything less than a trip to the playoffs of college football would be a tremendous opportunity.

It's more than safe to think about.

And the way this group is playing is more than just possible.

Now remember: Penn State ranked first in the country.

"We thought it was a very good defensive front, maybe as good as Notre Dame, as good as we played all year round," said Harbaugh.

And they handled it with ease.

Wolverine gets healthier. Two injured players, Rashan Gary's defensive finalist and Tarik Black broadcaster, returned to the Wolverines. Neither did it have a huge impact on this game (Black had a TD piano brought behind the penalty) but it's like a baseball team getting a pair of All-Stars on the trading floor.

Think about it.

The nation's top defense just added Gary, an All-American who had been injured before the game of Notre Dame and lost the last three games.

And this versatile, talented offense just added Black, a huge threat under Michigan's broader wide-screen receiver for the first games of last season.

After Saturday's game, Harbaugh enumerated about 20 top-class guys.

"Everybody plays so well," said Harbaugh.

This is a proof to the coaches that this team rebounded after Notre Dame.

"Fantastic game," said Harbaugh. "It was a really impressive team out there tonight, in all phases."

Even the crowd was amazing. He reminded Harbaugh of old. When he came out on the field. There was a spark and a wedge.

I just do not think this team will have retreated. Not with this kind of mentality – the attitude of Harbaugh.

Absolutely ruthless.

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