Joaquin Phoenix calls for 'systematic racism' in the film industry News of the world

London: Actress Joaquin Phoenix targets the British Academy of Film and Television to ignore the "people of color" in the nominations and urged the industry to dismantle a "system of oppression" in Bafta's acceptance speech.

The actor, who won Best Actor Bafta for his portrayal of the title role in The Joker, said he felt "conflicted" about receiving the award, as many of his esteemed comrades did not have the same privilege.

"I think we are sending a very clear message to people of color that you are not welcome here. I think this is the message we are sending to people who have contributed so much to our media and industry and in ways that benefit us," he said on stage. Royal Albert Hall.

Both the British Academy of Film and Television and the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences have been strongly accused of lacking representation and diversity following the announcement of nominations.

The acting categories had excluded people of color, and no female directors were recognized in the field of directors.

"I don't think anyone wants a booklet or preferential treatment, though that's what we give ourselves every year, I think people just want to be recognized, valued and respected for their work." This is not a self-imposed condemnation, I am ashamed to say I am part of the problem, "Phoenix said.

Calling himself a "part of the problem", the 45-year-old actor said that rather than creating a different work environment, the issue was understanding "systemic racism".

"I didn't do everything to ensure that the sets I deal with are comprehensive, but I think it's more than just having multicultural sets. We have to do the hard work to really understand systemic racism.

"I believe it is the obligation of the people who have created and perpetuated and benefited from a system of oppression to be the one to neutralize it, so this is for us," he said.