Kamal Haasan appears before Chennai police in connection with 'Indian 2' accident that killed 3 | Regional news

NEW DELHI: Politician Kamal Haasan showed up to Chennai police in the office of the Commissioner after his release to investigate the crane accident on the set of 'Indian 2' film that killed three technicians and injured ten others in February. He said it was his duty to his deceased brothers to appear before police and share details of what happened on the day of the accident. Last week, Director Shankar was called in for a similar investigation into the accident. In order to understand the security measures applied to the shooing position, the police called the people present at the scene of the accident.

Speaking to reporters, he said: "The Office of the Commissioner wanted to find out details of the incident that day, I was one of those who survived the accident, I explained to the police as soon as I heard about it. a first step in preventing such accidents in the future. "

"If there are other suggestions and recommendations from the police on how to improve safety and security at the shooting range, we are willing to do that as well. Yesterday, there were a lot of people in the film industry who came and met me, we are trying to make sure "That will not happen. Our brotherhood will meet soon to discuss the steps to be taken and we will share the result."

In a late-night crane accident on February 19 at EVP Film City on the outskirts of Chennai, three artisans – assistant director Krishna, art assistant Chandran and production assistant Madhu – had died and ten others were injured.

The day after the accident, Hassan had expressed frustration and embarrassment about how the film industry could boast 100 crore and 200 crore collections, but failed to provide basic safety for the staff in the set. He also recalled that he and actress Kajal Aggarwal were among those who had a narrow escape on this fateful night.

Hassan had earlier announced a provisional financial aid of Rs 1 crore for the families who lived, while the producer Subaskaran had offered Rs 2 crore monetary assistance.

A week after the accident, director Shankar tweeted: "It is with great sadness, I am tweeting. From the tragedy, I am in a state of shock and having sleepless nights about losing my AD & crew. I have lost the crane from a mustache, I feel that would be better if it were me. "Heartfelt condolences and prayers to the families."