Killing a suffragette in Red Dead Redemption 2 says something for you

Players increasingly resort to violence against a specific female character Red Dead Redemption 2. In this case, I am convinced that the problem is not Rockstar Games.

Rockstar games do not generally fall into the umbrella of what they could call "safe" video games. If you play one, on average you may have come across some different things that will turn your stomach at some point.

Red Dead Redemption 2 already leaning on it, with some respect. Take, for example, the skinning mechanism, which evolved from the appearance of the face of the character with a fast "shk-shk" sound in a realistic horror that the main character holds his hand under the edge of the raccoon and cuts the skin disable it on a pull. Or the place where the main character rather compares his life as illegal with that of persecuted Americans, because our government hates both friends.

But the actions of some players with regard to a suffragette in Saint Denis increase more than a few eyebrows. There is now a series of YouTube videos devoted to killing this particular character in an increasingly graphic way. This, in itself, would be one thing, but the part of the comments is unexpectedly vitriolic towards the character.

Motherboard has a list of some of the worst comments and makes sure that the ability to kidnap her and kill her was "something that the studio deliberately chose to put into play "although it had removed the ability to participate in violence against children. also tells YouTuber saying he does not necessarily agree with the comments but does not want to remove them. Article writer Emanuel Maiberg also says he has not finished the game.

I have – even wrote an entire story analysis – and I'm going to throw some small ones SPOILERS (for a side mission) here, so consider yourself warned: this is not the only place where suffragettes are markedly visible in history. There is a mission in which Arthur must protect a personal character who has taken part in the campaign to give women the vote. Arthur, no matter how negative his view is until that moment, seems at least marginally sympathetic to their cause – more than the woman's fiancé, in any case. And the things that shout at the head of the preparation are not bad at all.

Then, in the last chapter of the game, there is an optional side mission to talk again to the young woman. She tells Arthur that she eventually escapes her family, part of the protests against her homeland. The reason? The leader of the preparation he was looking for was murdered, probably by her family (the young woman). Arthur then has the choice to help her escape and her displacement to the North, where her ideals will be welcomed.

Having played this piece, I find it hard to believe that Rockstar is not sensitive to the plight of feminist leaders, considering that this is part of the story (which is not based on anything the player can do) and is treated with terror and disgust from Arthur and the young lady.

There are also some mimesis of the male characters in the game with the character of Sadie Adler, a wild, realistic female warrior who, she points out, did not wear female clothing. But it is firmly clear in the game that Adler could not care less about what one thinks about her, and neither Arthur nor anyone in the gang (except the resident little asshole Micah) as saying "boo" to her about theme.

Rockstar allows an incredible range of what players can do in their games with limited exceptions. For example, the things you can do in suffragette? You can also do these things to a disabled veteran, a former slave and any number of women and people with a variety of occupations. The fact that people with an ugly mindset aim at a particular character seems to me more of a comment on them than it does on Rockstar.

A Rockstar spokesman declined to comment on this story.

Red Dead Redemption 2 players are excited to attack and kill feminists in the game
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