Kim Davis, an anti-gay Kentucky employee, loses to Dem


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LOUISVILLE, Kentucky – The Kentucky employee, who caused national concern for his refusal to issue marriages to same-sex couples, lost her offer for re-election as an employee of Rowan County.

Davis, a Republican, was defeated by Democratic challenger Elwood Caudill, 54 percent to 46 percent, to serve a four-year term, according to the Associated Press.

Davis spent five days in jail to ignore court orders to issue same-sex couples, following the US Supreme Court ruling in 2015 that allows homosexuals to be married. He said he was acting "under the authority of God". Davis was released only when a judge ordered MEPs to issue the permits without her approval.


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Davis said he no longer opposes the issuing of licenses because Kentucky refused the requirement that the licenses be signed by the secretary. However, she maintained her opposition to same-sex marriage by visiting the Romanian nation of Eastern Europe last October to invite her to modify her constitution to ban her, as the Courier Journal has previously said.

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Caudill is a 20-year-old employee of the county real estate valuation office and a resident of the fourth generation of Rowan County. In a four-member Democratic primary, he strongly defeated a man whose marriage license Davis refused to sign in 2015.

Surprisingly, Caudill was later accused of being an anti-homosexual fanatic by man, David Ermold.

"I just want to lose, I would have liked to beat Kim Davis," Ermold told AP in September. "At least Kim Davis has the integrity to support what he believes Elwood Caudill is a liar."

Davis had no opposition as a Republican. He was formerly a Democrat, defeating Caudill with 23 votes in the Democratic Republic of 2014. He is the daughter of former prefect of the county, Jean Bailey.

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