Lady Gaga is the Oscar's successful inspiration we all need in life

Over the years, Lady Gaga has shown that it is undoubtedly a force to be taken into consideration. But this year, she has consolidated her position on the list of the most powerful women of all time in Hollywood. This past year "Gaga Sensation" took over, as it won a Grammy, BAFTA, Oscar, and Golden Globe over a 12 month period!

The singer-songwriter-actor brings back what he needs to be a global phenomenon with his individuality, incomparable talents and genuine humility. While he accepted it Oscar Award for the best authentic song for "Shallow" by A star Is Born, Gaga said: "If you are at home, and you are sitting on your couch watching this topic now, all I have to say is that this is hard work. I've worked hard for a long time, and it's not about, you know If you have a dream, fight for it, there is a discipline for passion, and it is not about how many times you are rejecting or falling or being beaten. how many times do you stand up and are brave and keep going "Really inspired, is not it?


A delay in her youth, Stephanie Germanotta (her real name), was a victim of intimidation and rape, which left her with PTSD and in therapy. She is often called freak and slut and she is ashamed of her eccentricity and bold expressions – the 32-year-old walked through the fire to consider herself worthy of the style she has today. A musical trick was born to a supportive family, Gaga believed her success in the relentless struggle and believed that nothing in this world is easy! It's really the feminist image we have to look at RN!

When life threw her lemons, she chose to remove this lemon martini. So to those who created a Facebook page titled "Stefani Germanotta, you will never be famous" with a photo of the young Gaga as DP, all we can say is – we suck ** holes! Today, she is a cartoon artist, a virtual fashionista, and more recently an Oscar-winning actress. It has declared lifelong liberalism, individuality and feminism and has been actively involved in HIV awareness programs and the LGBTQ dialogue. The Born This Way Foundation is working to empower youth. She has also been opened for her bisexuality.

Let's wait, we forgot to mention Gaga's "Queen of Pop" applause-worthy groundbreaking fashion? (Throwback in that meat dress that is stirring the Internet). Gaga has also been recognized by the Fashion Designers Council of America (CFDA) with Life Success Award!

While this year might have been the best Gaga yet, we think it takes another decade or two to shine with its full glory. There are many other things we would like to include in Gaga, but its achievements would require a biography story! Maybe soon be rewarded with a Lady Gaga biography? Until then, let's think of her fancy light and shout at her as she brings us to tears with more heart traditions of "Rhesh". Meanwhile, beware: